So what are the faction benefits these days?

There have been a lot of changes, good ones IMO, in the past year with shared shed space, max travel costs, etc., that used to be modified by faction membership.

So what, if anything, has replaced the bonuses of being in one faction and not another?

I might be missing something but factions just seem like cosmetic fluff to me now.

Company v. company? Sure that has remained the central theme that gives the game its identity but what are factions good for now? If they changed companies to allow cross-faction membership would anyone care? Would we even notice?

Color and connections I suppose

It’s mostly a PvE game, the central theme of the game is soulwardens, which transcends factions. Faction is just one of the “elements” for PvP focused individuals. It is mostly cosmetic fluff.

With Brimstone sands, factions will get their “faction” headquarters, i assume only people from said faction would be able to access them (maybe?)… but yeah thats mostly it.

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ye they ruined a few things, with the good things…

300 Int Perk aswell 10% Azoth Travel Cost reduction…
Factions just a Decoration now aswell

It’d be nice if they added some new benefits,

Things like + x% to resource yield, luck, XP, and coin gain when doing anything in the territories controlled by your faction–something to give the bystanders a reason to cheer and say yay faction! :slight_smile:

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u have these bonis…
press k and check in a territory ur faction owns


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