So.. what do I do now?

I am level 57, I have cleared out every secondary quest in the game, at least the ones I managed to do alone.
In order to clear out the ones I can’t currently do (lv59+ quests), I need better gear.
But I can’t get better gear without dungeons.
And I can’t go in dungeons cause no one contacts me for a party, and I’ve been looking for one for 3 days in global chat… 3 days where I only looked for a party with almost no game progress.
This means I have reached a point in the game where even if I can manage to reach lv 60 through sheer grinding and town quests, I won’t be able to get better gear without a party, which apparently won’t come any time soon, for some reason.
So… what do I do now?

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Farm your 520gs faction set (armor+weapons) on faction mission to grind and have your lvl 60 stuff, then do town boards quests to quickly go to 60
Then equip the set you farmed
and enjoy

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Also I don’t think they have maxed professions and crafting helps a lot in both exp and betterment of gear.

sounds like its game over for you. if the goal is to get to 60 and there is nothing to do then its done.

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and to add they delayed the game an extra year to add late game content. so what content was added since the game is still capped at 60 as it was in alpha. late game content to me would have been 60 to 100. sad

You must have completely ignored your faction quests or else you wouldn’t be here asking about how to get gear…

This is kind of a grindy game, so yes, why not join that?

More levels is not end game content lmao. End game content is max level events (Max level dungeons, battlegrounds, 3v3/5v5 ranked arenas, seasonal leaderboards, etc).

But what if the faction gear doesn’t get me the stats I need (int for example)

I agree

I mean my professions are all lv 120+, it’s not like I just powerleveled.

What if it doesn’t give me the stats I need?

You can change the stats on faction gear. There is an item in the first rank for 100 tokens that can change the stats on the gear at an outfitting station to str/con all the way to focus/con.

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then thats your thoughts. to me that isn’t quite content. if we knew players could reach level 60 in less then 2 weeks. i would have expected content to go beyond 60 if they expectd people to want to play the game more then 2 months. its a fail to launch a game that doens’t have more then 30 days of game play dont you think. no " late game" content. leaderboards dont intrest me. dont quite care about dungeons or battergrounds or whatever you mentioned. i wanted to see more map.

I think at 57 I completely stopped trying to level and got set up for end game, made a whole bunch of food, levelled up some trade skills and tried to make a bunch of cash before I hit 60

You used the term “late” game content, which I understood as “End game” content.

You are now referring to “general” content because you feel like there wasn’t enough between starting and end game content.

Those 2 things are different.

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