So what is the cause of this?

Why is the map all one color right after the patch?

There’s now an option on the map to show territory faction control.

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I can confirm this is not limited to El Dorado.

If you go into the left side, you should be able to toggle territory colours on and off. Hah Fairuza beat me to it.


Got it, the New World returning now to our regularly scheduled colorized map…

Yep, I got this as well. Unfortunately it looks like sometimes the filter goes back to it’s full white map state… Any way to keep it locked colorized as default?

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I don’t personally have an answer for you, as I’m to sick to play right now. :frowning:

Seems to be a bug. It resets after you either log out to main menu or exit game


Yeah, seems like a bug. I have to reselect the filter every time i relog.

Happens each time I finish an OPR or Arena match as well.

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Sometimes it toggles itself fyi. Pretty annoying but I do like the option.

Yea, it toggles itself back off every time you relog. I really hope they fix that and make it like any other setting, set it, and stay.

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The default setting is “maximum confusion”.

Is the same with the chat settings. I change the delay to 300 and have to change it every single time I log back in. We are 7 months in launch. How hard is that to fix?

I love the emblem in top right MD company.

We all know what it looks like.


Someone at AGS was like, hmmm…


Well just put this here…

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