So what is wrong with crafting?

So what is wrong with you DEVS?? I just hit 150 engineering and see i need 5200 orichalcum ingots= 50k+ orichalcum ore. WTH is this. Theres not that much and the BOTS and other players racing around for it. Do you silently chuckle inside???


It’s not designed to reach 200 quickly on purpose. You can always power level if you have the gold. Just play the game, use your engineering scraps when you have it and level at a slower pace. Or save your gold and do it all at once. You will get burned out and never be happy if you hyper focus on one thing.


Do you want to get the top tier at a profession in an MMO game without a good investment or grinding?
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You don’t have to follow a guide to hit 200 in a trade skill. The price points on each server can differ a ton and people frequently follow the same handful of them so it drives up the price. Personally, I looked up how much ammo, proficiency boosters, and tools were going for and crafted/sold the things I made to recoup the buy order costs.

Crafting isn’t even worth it tbh


Make the ironwood spears from 150-200

Much cheaperer.

Buy the t5 epic mats instead of the t5 white mats. Usuallys the epic mats are around 1/2 the cost of the ori/ironwood.

Spears salvage into ironwood so you can upcycle salvage mats into more xp.

Dont buy out the market, take a week and amass what you need w/o driving the cost up and forcing you to pay/do more for those levels.

Took me about a week of hitting the market every other day and making spears.

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Honestly maxxing professions right now is so much easier than it used to be with so many options, even if its not a sound investment.


It is so easy to max professions just by doing chest runs and salvaging gear for the various scraps. You don’t even need to craft anymore to have max professions,


^ This. Once you hit 150 the purple scraps are so easy to get doing expeditions and chest runs. Those give you a good amount of xp.


Not first time here Trolls, just think its a little excessive.

ty for the tip on the scraps.


Look for a website that allows you to put in the price of materials and then tells you the cheapest path to craft.

Also look at using materia to craft dungeon replicas

You can also use cinnabar or tolvium in the place of the Ori ingot.

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