So what worlds are we getting merged into?

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It’s great to see the list of servers that are getting merged but it’s unclear to me what exactly the mother server will be for a merged server set. For example, my server is moriai in Arkadia Chi, I understand that my server as well as the others listed are going to be merged into another, but what server are we actually going to be merged into?


Good question.
My server is only one not listed in the world set merge. That mean it will be the host server?

Its like 300 peak server if that.


Arcadia Xi also only has Castle of Steel not mentioned, its the biggest in the set to, so im assuming they just didnt put what the host is for some reason.

Calnogor is just listed by itself and that’s a top 3 population server in US East.

I assume they made a mistake in the post.

lol merging with urself i guess

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I think your assumption would be correct, the problem with my world set in particular is that there are two servers not listed in the post.

Our server Elaea (Arkadia Phi) is the only server not listed for our world set. Does this mean we aren’t merging or are we the host server?


2 servers not listed in Arkadia Ultra. Pleroma(130peak on a good day) and Valgrind which is biggest in the world set at an average of 550 peak.

really weird…

Really hope my server isn’t a fuckin host =/

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The only thing surpassing the bugs in game is the amount of questions every official post on this forum generates.


I hope they simply forgot to add the host server in the list because merging 6 servers together in a world set of 7 and leaving one (in this case, my server) out is the most troll thing they could do

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@Luxendra hopefully you can update the post soon with the full information for clarification.


I am confusion. @Luxendra explain

I don’t know, but I want to know how to pronounce the Aeaeaeaeaeaeaeae server in Omicron.


Groclant, Erewhon, Balita, Inferni, and Thule will be merging into Tir Na Nog for Vanaheim Ultra. Luxendra misspelled.

I don’t understand why they don’t just freakin’ state which servers are going to lose everything and which ones get to keep everything.

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Arkadia Ultra** sorry

Would like to know the plan for the Ferri server since it wasn’t listed. I can’t really tell from those lists if those worlds will be merged together with the ones listed only or with worlds not listed.

They got to have forgotten to add the host server’s name. Look at arkadia radial, a world set of 7 servers with 419 total players all combined. They’re merging 6 servers with the one being left one being cibolas with 91 players online. There’s no way they look at cibolas and thought “Yeah this is good enough, no need to merge”

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So Westernese Xi (US West), The only worlds not listed for merger were Yggdrasil, and Ferri (mine). So I take it Ferri is a host as well as Yggdrasil is more populated of the two. Or am I reading that wrong?

possibly, but they listed calnogor alone (biggest in our group) and left 2 others out completely