So what worlds are we getting merged into?

Hopefully we get more clarification soon. Honestly these merges pre-server announcement was what kept my server on life support. I’m just trying to cope until more details come out

Yep, please update with which are being merged into who. I need to know if we continue to upgrade the town.

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Really unclear communication. Hopefully we will get CLEAR clarification tomorrow.

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as a host server you wouldnt need to do anything… and will not get any messages pop up. so only servers that will be no longer and move to another server would be in the list. my server isnt on the list here either though guessing its a good assumption its the host server. (as all other servers in my world set have your moving message pop ups and on the list).

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@Community-Team can any of yall say something? Not a great way to leave us the night before mergers… what gives?


each server on the list is getting a message and lock for moving off their current server… so assuming ALL on the list lose everything…

Whats with Delphnius Vanaheim Core???

Really??? You forgot us??? Really???

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Are the mergers happening today?

@Luxendra - understandably, some of the copy/paste seems to be missing from the long list of worlds scheduled for merge.

Most of them are missing the world that will receive the merge and the below “into” makes me think that info was meant to be added but got missed:

  • Uku Pacha, Phlegethon, Killaraus and Ophir will be merging into for Westernesse Eta.

Could you check and edit to include which worlds we’re merging into? Thank you!


Same for us on pyranida and we are about 10% more active ppl than the other server

Are we going to get an exact date and time for the merges? I remember reading that the merges should be announced on fridays and completed on the following monday but the FAQ says you’re trying to schedule them on wednesdays. Any clarification on this.

@Luxendra Out of curioisity is there a reason Arkadia Core has been skipped? We’re a cluster of three servers (Difu, Diyu, and Dindymon) and I really think we could use this merge. I’m just wondering if there’s a particular reason, you overlooked us, or if we’re planned for next wave.
Edit - I’m from Difu, and I see Diyu and Dindymon on the list but under a different set. Is Difu left out by accident or intention?

That’s need to know information and you don’t need to know.

Now get back to opening chests.

@Luxendra it would be great if we could get some clarity around Westernese Eta. Thanks!

It wasn’t a mistake, it lets you know that if its the only server listed, you guys will not be merging with anyone else. Healthy pop servers are being left alone.

Just look up the servers on the NW website population section, the one with the most health is gonna be the host.

Did AGS REALLY forgot Delphnius???‽???

Uninstall Inc…

wondering where DIFU is on this merger list also ?

Arkadia core … 3 small servers max to 9% max cap if all merged guess I might as well start the reroll now

I was really hoping for access to tokens to get off this ship haha

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For my Vanaheim Zeta set I expect to get all those listed worlds merged into Hades, it’s the only one that makes sense.
Asgard, the last world in this set, is peak 1600, if all listed world merge into Hades, we would peak at 1500 after merge. which sounds rather ideal, if you ask me.

Hades is also somewhat equal in terms of territories.


Once they are done I’m sure there will be another round of evaluating server health. They already made a statement saying that low population to them was 600 players and below… So I expect everyone to get taken care of in the end.

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