So what worlds are we getting merged into?

I also dont understand why the are merging every server except for one in many worldsets.
We have 400 players at peak. If we are the only server not getting merged people will stop playing the game.

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Vanaheim Rho - So Ravenal is being merged with several worlds and Styx will not be merged with anything? Styx is slowly dying and we’re ALL waiting for the merges, the whole server is very unhealthy and imbalanced, we need that merge so bad :frowning: Or at least roll out more token, pls. :frowning:

ayayah i think LOl such a troll name

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Same with Delpnius. EVery Server from our worldset ist getting merged, but not ours… with 300-400 peak.

Not sure if its troll or just stupid


Yeah, that’s just really sad… Ravenal has a lot more players as Styx. Hope they’ll read this and rethink the strategy especially for Delphinus and Styx… I really don’t know how long most of the remaining players on our server will be motivated to play the game if nothing is about to change :frowning:

They will use the interest in Winter Distraction to justify all. OOO look players came back for a week, must be a success!

well they have to merge into a server somewhere . hence one in each world set doesnt get touched… as your merging to that server nothing changes for those players already on it.

If you look at the post Our sever merge is listed like this…
Myrkalfar, Batala, Puyok, Ibabawnon and Heorot for Pangaia Tau.

If you look at Central Europe on the same post you see

Groclant, Erewhon, Balita, Inferni, and Thule will be merging into Tir Na Nog for Vanaheim Omega.
Idavoll, Runeberg, Naxos, Kantia, and Jacquet will be merging into Murias for Vanaheim Firma.

We dont have ‘will be merging into’ … so maybe not on to the server that is not listed… might be a whole new severs… guess we will have to wait and see

has to be a destination server … and looks like yours is it… nothing changes on your server hence not on the list…

Destination is Tartarus

Really not at all great to announce this without letting people know which server is the destination, particularly since once the announcement is made in the server (whose date and time is also not listed) players can no longer transfer if they want to avoid a situation they don’t like the looks of.

How these sorts of things are posted at the very end of the day and just left in the wind baffles me, but sadly does not at all surprise me at this point.

Clear communication is not difficult. Read your messages before posting them. Read them again after just for good measure. Give yourself a buffer before leaving for the day. Corporate Communications 101.


Another masterstroke of miscommunication, who writes these things?

Does anyone proof read them before they get posted?

I mean seriously its about as clear as mud for some world sets!

You posted the full details for some worlds and then what just forgot to do the others.

Come on…


Antillia in your Worldset will not get merged too

This explains a lot

They are not merging the other servers into ours tho. 4 servers are getting merged into the 5th. 6th server doesnt get touched at all.

So translated… Poor people left behind on dead servers will eventually get moved as some people have to be left behind to get things done.


Right, but Styx and Antilia both have like ~600 peak players, Ravenal alone has got ~1200 and will be merged with several other worlds. So I don’t get that logic. But let’s see what happens.

  • Groclant, Erewhon, Balita, Inferni, and Thule will be merging into Tir Na Nog for Vanaheim Omega.

poor other servers getting merged into this mess we got on our server… you guys better switch faction to marauders already because every other faction is useless to play. PvP is dead!!!


This is confusing.

I’m in the Arkadia Omicron world set on Orofena. The only server not listed in the merge.

From the dev posting:

  • Vaitarani, Aeaea, Cantref Gwaelod, Emain Albach, Iriy and Metnal for Arkadia Omicron.

So does that mean that there will now be two serviers in Arkadia Omicron set…or will those other servers be merged into Orofena.

Look…how hard is it to communicate exactly what is about to happen. I swear man…it’s like they try to be as vague as possible…WTF is about to happen?

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Anyone got a screenshot of the Murias map?