So what worlds are we getting merged into?

It’s nice to see that the official post has been properly updated (read: edited) with the date/time and actual clear list of destination servers, however not a single acknowledgement that this was left out and has now been included can be found.

A bit of courtesy goes a long way. Just own the mistake and move on. It’s not a horrendous mistake, but it affects players and their choices. Quietly editing a post makes it seem an awful lot like nobody cares that crucial information was left out. These kinds of things are far too common for this development and community management group. I suspect player numbers continue to reflect that.

I do not intend to flame but if my server ends with a merge, where there will be less than 1k people I either will delete my character and try to create a new one on another server (lvl52 as of now) or just straight stop playing. I see no point merged servers being less than 1.2k or lower.

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You might already be aware by now but Delphnius has already merged into Bouneima. It took place a few days ago.

Too bad their “goal count” is low. The average is not 1200-1300 for arkadia chi. Not unless 500ish people coming back.

1000 Is about the cap for those 6 servers assuming its the the 1 hour peak time on a saturday.

Arkadia chi could have been a nice medium high pop server if they combined the entire world set but they can’t even merge correctly… with way too low a “target” number. Fuck just make the servers 1200 max then and remove the MMO tag.

Waited 6 weeks for merges, no merge okay Ill transfer to the highest pop in my world set and then at least when merges do finally come I can still be with my friends but nah yall said go fuck yourself kid use some lube next time before you go around just dicking me down…

BACK TO WAITING AND TROLLING ON THE FORUMS YAYYYYYYYYYYYY /s I just want to fucking play new world on a not dead server with my friends, but you guys make it impossible.

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Yeah I dont get merging all super low worlds together to get a normal low playercount after merges is smart whatsoever, Im in a world set that with our 5 together max peak will be about 350 players, not sure how AGS think thats going to be a healthy or sustainable population, very disappointed, if its still as poor or not much of a difference post merge Ill be afking until I am allowed to use my server transfer token I never used to move to delos where my world set should have all moved with these merges.

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At this point I’m 100% convinced the marketing strategy is to kill the game. No one single dev team could be this ignorant. SOMEONE in the dev team would speak up and be like ummmm “aren’t we being stupid as fuck”.

Btw you can use your token if you haven’t already. I would go to one of the 4 servers in US east they are deeming to be “high pop”, because if the strategy isn’t to kill the game, I can only imagine they only want valhala olympus calganor or pluto (pluto seems least toxic) to be high pop. But I’m still sticking with my the plan is to kill the game thoughts.

Imagine if we didn’t have to speculate everything!? Fuck what world that would be.

Some are are saying they want to merge together all low player counts first then later on move them all into a single server on certain world sets that only have 1 high pop server that could easily house every other world together and only be about 500 or so more max, guess we wait and see how illogical the merges are going to be.

So…I’m confused.

I play on Ursa. There’s no mention of Ursa being merged to anything in the official merge-thread.

But when I log on I get a message that says that Ursa is going to merge with “several other worlds”, but when I check the worlds it says it won’t.

Am I misunderstanding something? Im so confused :smiley:

Edit: Seems I was missing that Ursa is the world others merge in to, so I was totally missing that :man_facepalming:t3:

Did token tranfers is gone after merge?

No. Your transfer tokens will still be active if you never used it.

I cannot find the list of “servers” into what server by region. I have clicked all over and nothing is to be found. I am not sure why this information has to be so secretive.

I also cannot find a description of how long the merger will be expected to take.

Someone please advise and post working links. This goes nowhere but in a loop.

[Notice] Server Merge: US-East, US-West, Australia, Central Europe - Official News / Official News - New World Forums

In the link you posted click on the regions and the info is there. (as in >central europe)

I remember when we launched there were a lot of people playing and people can be…what’s the word? I’ll say jerks, but you guys can fill in your own blanks. Frankly I like playing alone. Even with an extremely active guild in games, I still prefer to play alone for the most part and casually group/raid once or twice a week. It’s like playing spades with family on the weekend or something … lol. But for the most part I play by myself, and people tend to train mobs into you, steal mobs, still harvesting nodes, try to invite you into guilds (even when you’re already in guilds). Nobody sends tells anymore, they just invite you. I’m not a robot. I establish that every time I make an account for something…lol. So you CAN talk to me. You don’t have to be rude. I’m old school. I don’t ignore tells, when I notice them anyway so say hi and ask before you do anything that might affect me like send me invites. This is why I prefer a low server. I stayed on Morai…Moraia? (Well it knows it’s name) because it was low…lol. I know. I’m rambling, but I don’t really want to go back to that. So I hope there’s still peace, even if there isn’t quiet.

According to the updated server merge post:

Ydalir will be merging into Valgrind for Arkadia Ultra

Know one knows it’s like magic

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