So whats everyone doing during a maintenance like this

Hey everyone, so go on answer lets spend some time chitchatting

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Watching Supernatural, What about you?

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I did have plans for today cleaned my house went to the gym did shopping I tought I will be able to play after Im done with all this stuff but guess not, sadface

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Yeah same, came home after 7-8 hours of uni and apparently it’s chaos

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i drank two beers. im worried if i go for 3rd the game be back and i will be stuck in 1500 ppl queue so im just here chilling reading stupid forums

I take this opportunity to do my housework like its Sunday I will have more time to play since the housework will be largely done!

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Gonna call it a day early and hit the sack. Was hoping to hit lvl 50 today, but a “well timed” maintenance made sure that grinding 3 levels ain’t happening today. God knows when they bring the servers back up, not sitting around waiting for that. Hbu?

Good stuff, I did the same :smiley:

lol even 24hrs maintance wont make me clean my house :smiley:

music. and in discord VC with some ppl

Do you expect a que?

Watching squid game, and praying wow classic fresh soon, i find it disgusting that servers are down most of the day, during peak time too and yet somehow, NA servers are up before EU aswell on top of bugs like that i cant sometimes use potions or salvage items without restarting the game zzzzz.

I guess the fact that queues fixed themselves a week after released says a lot about how many people felt let down.

played ffxiv a bit then slept then watched criminal minds. Wondering what game to move to if this happens every week

Lol worlds!

well I really hope this wont happen everytime I like the game so far I remember WoW had the same problems years ago but not that often

Playing Gems of War.

spongebob on 1 screen, forums on the other.

Some EU servers are going up: Server Status | New World

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