So what's now if I'm not capable to play 8+ hours each day

New PTR changes shows that you have to grind HWM if you want higher GS items. Well as long as I can play 2 3 hours and not everyday, it seems like I won’t be able to get higher GS items for a while. After AGS buffed elite mobs and open pvp advantages, in high pop servers like mine there are 30+ people generally and no fun as log as I cant even see the mobs. So I stopped to do elite runs as long as it has no fun for me due to you should zerg or just running between chests. And I see many people are bored of those elites and enjoying different dynamics of the game. Now you saying that all must grind our every content even they do not like it. I won’t do any RMT but think that people would buy more gold to craft those gypsums and as long as selling higher GS items is not worthy anymore you have to craft legendaries or grind mats for hours. So AGS, are you saying that people can only enjoy if they plays no life? Please, not every customer of yours are hardcore sweaty players. Please rethink these changes for everyone, not only for your addicted customers.


Easy. Your progression will not end after 30 days it will extend to 90 days. Like in most mmos. I am PvP/Crafter. I have to eat the same soup.

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90 days to get what you already have now.


The thing is, for those 90 days I will be weak on wars and open world pvps as long as people end their processes in 10 15 days. I love the combat mechanic of the game so I love both pve and pvp, but elites are boring to me because you wont make any difference in an 30+ zerg group. They forcing me to run elite areas now.

By the way, I’m not against this expertise change, but I think it doesn’t work well with the current situation with boring elite runs, broken economy and over-grindy system. They may reconsider a rework on the mechanics that affects the end game

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Isn’t the point of these changes exactly that you don’t have to run the stupid elite zergs and instead use your time for sth more fun and get the upgrades that way

I like the idea about expertise, but I would prefer it to be tied to weapon mastery instead of HWM grind.
You should use the weapon (or wear armour) to be able to fully use it. High level content should get you faster to full mastery.

I just do not agree with opening chests while using axe/sword should be the ideal way to get good at using life staff. Healing people (and possibly killing enemies) should do that.
Also I think that forcing players to do specific content is just wrong. It could be encouraged. But different people enjoy different aspects of the game and it is all tied by the economy, or should be. Crafting reagents from chests are good example of this, you get plenty when doing town missions and opening chests to level up HWM if that is your thing. And you can trade them for food and other items from crafters who prefer to pick up every flower but do not feel like opening 1000 chests is worth their time.


The problem is not the elite zones. You need to grind harder and harder in this game. Ypu cant just chill and play for 2 hours, they’re trying to create an addicted-only community and its nasty, both of us knows that I cant grind shit in 2 hours per day, even if I do, I’d feel like shifting.

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So lemme get this straight.

The new patch, which will hit sometime in December, basically gates completion of 600gs by 90 days.

Now that’s odd…

Q1 (an important time for investors) concludes at the end of March… about 116 days, 18h 07m from now.

What a weird coincidink.


There will be 6 different zones to choose from after the patch, even on high pop servers they will not constantly be zerged to the ground. It’ll take a few months, but take a 5-10 man group to 1-2 of these zones daily, and you’ll be progressing your watermark nicely.

These are good changes imo.

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Lol all the useless white knight responses. It’s clear AGS doesn’t respect your game time, and if you disagree with their vision of how to play the game, straight to jail. It’s time to leave, like all 800k of us


If you think everyone won’t just do a Zerg train going from zone to zone you’re wrong. Even if there are six zones. Nothing changes. You’re still forced to run, from chest to chest to chest to chest. For months.


But the OP is saying he doesn’t like the large zerg trains. The larger number of zones will dilute the number of players running them, so he’ll be free to take a 5-10 man group and clear them at a leisurely pace.

Regardless, there are other methods to increase watermark with the new patch if that is what you enjoy. It seems the complaint is more to do with having to play the game for a few months to achieve the best gear. Isn’t that an important aspect of an MMO?

I said the main problem is not about zergs, it’s about the time game requires. As long as I’m not an hardcore player I dont care to sit on rank 1 in OPR or holding everfall, but still I want to be placed in wars or make challenging duels. Game now forcing me to invest my life otherwise I’d be doing nonsense node running in an high pop server. If you dont see that AGS trying to make people addicted then we shouldn’t discuss it in first place. And if you see this and you’re okay with it, I have nothing to say as long as you can put a game in the center of your life.

They are making PVP scale changes. Actual GS values only matter for pve, for pvp it’s scaled again.

Can you explain me the thing about pvp scaling, ı dont know about it

I don’t see a middle ground. Or you play a lot or you don’t.
Not that the person that only plays 2h a day should achieve the same as the person that runs the content 8h a day, I understand that it shouldn’t, but not feeling to progress at all ruins it for those who only play 2h.

Also, I don’t see how 2 server merges fix anything… there are servers with so low numbers that they will have to merge 10 servers into one. At this pace, the first pass will only end in 2024.

1000-2000 people on a server. 6 zones…

Progressing wm nicely. Nerfed drop rate…

Sure but in most those games the gear is achieved via ever increasing challenges which makes things fun. Quested gear, Dungeon gear, Heroic/Expert/Elite Dungeon gear, Raid Gear.
Each stage requiring more coordination, skill, teamwork as well as time to achieve.
The NW method is primarily simply time, more time, even more time. It essentially lacks the fun factor MMOs usually hide the grind behind


The way it is right now is definitely like that I completely agree. Elite zones and bosses have been nerfed numerous times. But that’s exactly why I think this change is good cause you get guaranteed upgrades from activities that don’t take as much time. So even if you just have 2 h you can use that time and do some dungeons or do opr and something else and have guaranteed upgrades on expertise. At least that’s how I think it is. The way it is right now is you farm same bosses for hours and might not even get 1 upgrade on the desired item slot

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