So what's now if I'm not capable to play 8+ hours each day

^ this


how about doing legit all the other watermarking content, that is their to do, specially with them buffing watermark drop rate of dungeons. and guaranteed on each boss. +depending waht your wm is at their are lower elites you can watermark at too. just cause they are nerfing elite zones doesnt mean it isnt end all be all. they are just opening up other locations.

Seriously what is wrong with all you drama queens?

No one is grinding HWM 8 hours a day everyday, sure like every freaking game you have a small number that will, but the average person has only been spending maybe an hour a day doing runs.

I ran SM yesterday solo and timed myself because of all these stupid threads. It took my 18min to loot every elite crate and the majority of the small ones that weren’t way out of the way. I did it solo to prove even if you are on a super dead server, it’s still possible.

That is really all you need to do daily to start increasing your HWM easy. If people are shouting to start group runs, join a group run, or don’t join it, just follow one.

Most of the content is easy with a small group, if you already have GS600 items you should easily be able to clear all the elite zones, with your OP gear, again, these zones are easy to clear quickly.

If you don’t want to do that, then why bother playing a MMO? Just go play Street Fighter or something that requires no farm.

They’re also nerfing the rate at which you increase your HWM so even “hardcore” gamers won’t stand a chance.
They keep nerfing things in preparation for their online store’s “perks.”

Don’t worry, you will catch up, eventually.

By the time you, they will have introduced 700 GS items, so that you get another chance to catch up, faster.

You should be thankful really for this new wonderful power creep system.

/sarcasm off


THat about sums it up

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Not really the time you guys are talking about is for getting your watermark up, i doubt you already have that now cause you probably wouldn’t be complaining

I don’t really get where this idea comes from that your going to lose anything, also everyone seems to want to compare themselfes to streamers or something ? just because someone get’s everything done in 2 months doesn’t mean you have to do it

I’ll give you a simple answer:

NW is being turned into an MMO that is not for players with less than 20 hours per week to play.

If you can’t play a lot, you will never be able to feel geared for what is the fun end-game (wars, invasions, PvP, expeditions, etc.)

This will drive off many players. This MMO will become very niche. It will get a p2w cash shop sometime next year.

Hope that helps. (always a chance they decide not to do the patch, a small chance at this point)


Quite self evident: disposable incomes, credit card and updataded cash shop.

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Wait for boosts to hit the cash shop, or find an MMO that respects your time.

At the end of the day, a casual player, someone who plays 2-3 hours every couple of days, SHOULD NEVER have the gear score or quality of gear as a player who players 10+ hours a day. Simple.

What else can you do that isn’t time gated (expeditions), not gated by other players (invasions and wars), not being nerfed into the ground (named bosses expertise bump chance decreasing 15x, I believe, per datamined info on PTR) and not OPR (since it’s not an option on low pop servers)?

Take the tinfoil off your head. AGS revenue is so insignificant to Amazon’s financial statements that it is not even going to be talked about. Amazon will do over 450 billion in revenue. AGS to be significant (5%) would have to do 2.5 billion in revenue. At $40 a copy (assuming it was 100% their revenue), they would have to sell 62.5 million copies. If that happened, we would not have dead servers.

Your conspiracy is debunked.

You going to provide the Genesis and Laz orbs for my group for free? Cause those are the only ones that raise HWM. How many we doing? Every day?

Oh, wait… they’re time gated, and the mats to craft them are sparse, and they need a high level stone cutter, and they aren’t tradable.

Join another group you say? Oh, okay, I’ll just pay 500-2000 gold for a slot in the party.

Yup, those expeditions are super accessable and reliable way to increase HWM…

Chest runs take around hour or hour and half, what are u talking about 8 hours?

It is a game and so it can allow it or not. Your opinion is closed minded prattle.

Anyway, AGS has decided not to allow it. NW will go on but not with a large population. These types of walls always means a smallish population. Definitely playable but this is why a p2w cash shop is coming, smallish is not enough to directly sustain an MMO anymore. NW will be niche. Players who stay will enjoy NW but this will never be a top 5 MMO with these coming changes.

Way it goes.


If AGS are so insignificant, and Amazon can blink the amount of money earned by New World away, then your logic dictates that this studio should just not exist… and yet the studio does exist.

Having deadlines and expectations are real for any studio, regardless of how much more money their parent company pulls in.

So while we will both agree that this game’s revenue is a pittance compared to a company with a net worth around 1.65 trillion, what we will not agree upon is that AGS have to prove something to their investors (i.e. player numbers, hours played, activity in the game space).

All studios have expectations to meet, regardless of whether or not they are reasonable, this studio included.

They are nerfing drop rates again… so if you want the most efficient way to get your scores up you have to grind out the new “cast” system… assuming you can afford the taxes to pay for it.

They are significantly nerfing the drops again and increasing the amount of enemies in these areas, so no soloing it anymore and even with a small group its potentially a complete waste of time.

That is somewhat misleading and whether you are trying intentionally or not to tie in the ‘investors’ is the issue.

AGS does not have to report to the shareholders of Amazon. AGS has to report to the department that chose to fund it. What you and I do not know is what that department’s goals are. What are the metrics that they are using to determine success? Is it financial for Q1Y22? Is it retention? Is it just that they can build a backend for future games? Is it that they can drive Twitch Prime subs? Is it that they can test a cash shop for digital transactions? There are so many metrics that they could want that would determine if it is a success in their eyes.

AGS as a game studio has something that other studios does not have. They have access to a TON of capital. They are not on the streets knocking on doors begging for term sheets to fund a project. So I am far from concerned that this game will suddenly disappear in the next 5 years.