So What's the General Consensus on NW

Now that the game has been out long enough for people to level cap and try much of the available content, what’s the general consensus of your experiences in NW?

I haven’t played in over a week. I’m not sure why exactly I haven’t logged in. Maybe its the tedious nature of travel or it’s lack of certain qol features I’ve come accustomed to. Maybe its the faction imbalance or the fact that we walk underwater instead of swim. Or maybe its the quest to kill a giant elite bear and loot him but making it only lootable by one player and then having to wait 20 minutes for it to respawn and do it all over again. The least thing they could do is have a good character creator. The models all look like their parents were siblings. /rant

So… :smirk:


I am enjoying it.

If the steam numbers are anything to go by, it’s still relatively popular.

I think not enough people have played through the various zones, reached level cap, and experienced high-level play for us to know whether it can succeed as an MMO. Those tend to put emphasis on community and longevity.

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Love it so far, it feels like a 3D RuneScape almost, it’s what I imagined ESO should have been like, you pick your weapon, and armor and go, no restrictions on anything like needing to be a light armor mage or something, you can have heavy chest light feet and medium hat, awesome!

Obviously lots of room for improvement, but I think it’s a good start to a different style of MMO


Thus far still really liking the game and my time spent in it. Money well worth.

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Im thoroughly enjoying the game. It’s great to just kick back, relax and unwind on. PvP when you want to, skill / craft when you want to.

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It’s a gorgeous game…the sound and visuals for me are top-notch. I like the feeling of it being a survival world in an MMO setting. I love the animals, the skeletons and zombies, the plants and other resource materials… fabulous!

The climbing is fun, the settlements are nicely done, and the housing is quite satisfactory (aside from paying taxes every 5 days).

However, for me, the PvE side needs more work. It feels a little sparse and overly repetitive, but perhaps that’s what AGS were going for.

QoL also needs further development and I feel the resource materials required for crafting could do with being dialled down a bit, especially for furnishing.

Storage feels like a pain in the ass and I feel a sprint key would be appreciated if there’ll never be mounts.

I kind of wish NW had been designed more fully with PvE in mind, and then had PvP as a fully instanced battleground and arena type thing, but it was designed as a PvP game initially so AGS have done their best to combine both.

Overall the game has potential, but it still needs work. I’ll see how it develops over the coming months.


No restrictions on anything, unless you want to be a Tank, in which case you are forced to use a specific gem :stuck_out_tongue:

After thousands of hours in classic MMOs, I got burnt out with them and didn’t touch them for the past 5 years.
My family made me try this one, after much insisting, and they dragged me in, kicking and biting.

After a couple of hours, I was loving it. I was having fun for first time in many years.
I think it’s the combat system and the many lessons learned from looking at other MMOs.

More and more I am starting to think that the the apparently missing quality-of-life features, mounts, instance finder, the slight discouraging of fast travel, etc aren’t overlookings or flaws in the design, but all the opposite.
Things that were taken for granted, but actually, improve the game when they are removed. At least, that is how I am feeling about them.
(It reminds me of the developer story, when they were developing Team Fortress 2. They removed hand grenades, and after the initial push back by the testers, they all started to realize that they were actually having much more fun without them)


Good game

I am still enjoying it despite several frustrating issues. Don’t log in every day but play several times a week still. Just under 30 and need to get my spouse up a few levels so we can do amrine. It’s nit a game I try to convince my friends to play. I an waiting to see how things go in the next several months to see what direction they take it in before trying to get others into it.

Lack of pve content. And the little bit we have is tedious and repetitive. Also it’s not solo or duo friendly.


That’s right… I have played 150 hours, but have only completed all the side quests in Winsward and Brightwood, just moved to River’s Fen following the main history line. I don’t know how ppl leveled all the way to 60 already. I have two characters in lvl 35 though

Gameplay wise im enjoying it a lot, a few complaints here and there, but nothing major.

But the UI… makes me want to bang my head against a wall, specially when using trading post and crafting stations

Rushed release of a mostly copy & paste game without a soul. With 12 more months this could have become something, but now it forever will be a tainted experience. Honeymoon phase is over and more and more players realize what this game really is (or better, what it is not).

“New World is gold-plated plastic” is the best description for this game I’ve read yet.


Agree on this one. I don’t think that was the goal. They just conceded on that to stop even more delays or cutting down on world size too much for initial release. What we need now is for the first expansion to be quality over quantity (more varianble and engaging quests, new and different monster types) and this problem will be fixed. 1-2 unique lands will be better than 5 new copy-pasta lands.

P.S. The content is still not bad or THAT severely lacking, it’s just that its too obvious what it could have been if it was perfect.

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I’m really loving it. I haven’t had a feeling like this from a game in a long time.

sure there’s bit and bobs that needs to be changed/tweaked, but I’m still hooked and loving it.

Yesterdays outage soured my taste a lil bit, but ima still grind away!

I’ve got like 2 hrs to play a day with my work schedule and love every minute of it. I mostly run around and gather. The music and visuals make it a wonder land for me. It’s my time to relax and unwind. On my one day off I quest with friends; just hit 37 and can still see myself enjoying it for at least weeks to come.

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The game is pretty damn good, but Amazon treats its costumers horribly.

Not only the absurd maintenance on EU prime time, now they ninja broken fishing (no comment on patch notes).

-Now you get kicked for AFK after 15 minutes while fishing.

-The treasures no longer give you gold.

-The Rod breaks a lot faster than before, costing a lot of more money if you fishing frequently. You can’t gain gold anymore with this if don’t use the market for selling things. If a server it’s on Mid/Low population, you can forget of paying you’re house taxes with fishing.

Such a bunch of bad desitions, it’s incredible how they ultra nerf fishing cause don’t know how to manage the bots.

Really, I don’t know what they are thinking but just scream at my face to leave the game.

Just take care of your customers, and the customers will take care of you Amazon.

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I was enjoying it for 180hrs but 12hrs server downtime yesterday killed the game for me.
my love is over


I like it, I love the visuals and the slow paced combat when I’m soloing.
I also dislike a lot of cumbersome mechanics or the lack of QoL features, but the novelty of the game makes them seem unimportant right now, so I continue playing.

Several months from now if it’s the same as it is now, I won’t be playing because there’s a limit to how many skeletons I can kill and how many chests I can loot :slight_smile: