So where are the Patch Notes about the Trading Post nerfs?

Maybe my account is just bugged but more likely there was an unannounced change to the trading post. I see as of today many items that could be sold or pre ordered in bulk have had limitations posed on them. I will give 2 examples I have tested.

Used to be able to pre order or sell at least 10 of a single trophy type (as many as I have done myself first hand). Now you are limited to 1.

Used to be able to pre order or sell at least 400+ meals or potions before. Now you are limited to 100.

Seeing as how the Trading Post is currently locked to only 100 orders of any type, this is further choking the flow of crafted goods that players will be able to trade. At least it seems raw mats are not limited since I could still post more then 1k+ of some.

So AGS, how about some Dev Insight on what is going on with this happening?

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It seems to be limited by the amount of the stack. Arrows for example I can only sell 500 per order, weak healing potions 100 at a time and so on

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