So you really did turn off trading again?

Seriously Amazon…

I’m a video gamer since 1980. Yeah, I played my first games on a ZX81 !
And I’ve never seen a mess like this.

You are punishing your HONEST customers because of actions of cheaters who abuse your bugged mechanics.

I’m very patient, I’ve been in too many MMORPG releases not to be, Anarchy Online was unplayable, WoW you often ended stuck for like 5+ minutes when trying to loot something, I’ve seen queues of 6+ hours… but I’ve never seen a game shutting down it’s whole trading because of their INEPTITUDE to fix their BUGS.

If you keep on doing that kind of stuff, you will lose even your best supporters, like me, who love your game but can’t deal anymore with your amateurish management of it. My guildies think the same. And we are a bunch who REALLY enjoy your game when it’s working.

Yes, this time I’m really pissed.

Show us you can do some serious work, AGS, or your game will be dead soon.


What! So you never player E.T :slight_smile:

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Lol ok you win :wink:

OMG, that game…

Probably room in the dump where they buried those millions ET cartridges for New World boxes still.

All this launch has shown me is that the MMO community will make every excuse for developer incompetence. This game is a mish mash of three different genres. It wasn’t created because someone actively enjoyed video games or had a great idea. It was discussed, then changed, then changed again to solely make money. And that in turn lead to a soulless product.

While that would be perfectly fine in the ‘battle royale’ generation of mindless lobby games, your game better play to perfection. Even the way they approach their ‘balancing’ is headless of the second or third party effects it has on the complex systems that MMOs entail.

Got rid of stagger mechanic which negates a lot of the specific weapon utility.

Changed dodging so it literally becomes ‘rolly polly dark souls’ all over.

Nerf life staff into the ground to make it the most boring weapon in MMO existence.

Change focus from PvP to PvE despite the game literally only gives you SIX skills to mindless spam.

Add more exploits with each patch but then turn off PRIORITY systems of the game.

Nerf quest rewards so hard (because we can’t let people have fun or money like that) so that it messes up end game balancing simply trying to repair your equipped gear.

Make the final story mission a ONE TIME event for each player so you separate your player base and keep people from helping friends if they happen to talk them into getting the game later.

But that’s what happens when a game isn’t created because of someone’s desire or passion, but instead hacked together by a board room interested in simply maximizing profit and player numbers. If the MMO community wasn’t itching for a new mmo (seriously all the top ones are almost a decade old at this point) New World would have never received even that initial two weeks of hype.

This is literally Trion or Funcom all over again. Poor management choices is what is and what will kill this game.


I had that game on my Atari 2600… I don’t remember much about, but I do remember it not being very good. lol

It’s been 30 plus years since I played ET. Even now I can’t really tell you what the objective was or how to go about completing it…lol.

Damn, we’re both old… lol Yeah, I don’t remember what the objective was either, I just know I didn’t play it very long.

IIRC correctly the problem with the game is that it couldn’t be completed.

This has intrigued me. I must start googling things to see if ET actually had a point and could be completed…lol. Solve one of the great mysteries of life.

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