Socialized Town Revenues + More Tax Money GG AGS

Remember a few months ago when AGS said they were going to go after Shell Companies and Monopolies from Super Companies. They announced they were looking at a required minimum of company members per war and cooldowns on changing companies (ie shells). Anyone else remember this? Was anyone else relieved and thinking, this is a good start?

Well since then, there has been no minimum enacted. However AGS did socialize Town Profits. Now every territory outside of WW/EF are worth more coin weekly. Super Companies soon realized it was not to time to scale back but instead gobble up as much as possible. Not to mention FSS gave these Super Companies 1 more character slot per region.

Now AGS is considering incentivizing town project for companies. So even more money for a minute percentage of the player base, our In Game Over Lords lol. Also on the PTR AGS has doubled the sales tax. Nothing humongous or overtly over the top for the average player. Hopefully small enough to go unnoticed by most when it goes Live. However this will be a considerable raise once again for the still unchecked super companies. Twice as much sales income to be divvied among what amounts to just a few actual companies with shells.

At the same time AGS says they’re concerned about coin in the game so we’ll all be getting a bit less now as normal players. Again not a big deal except look at the concessions that have been made recently to enrich Super Companies. But AGS is worried about you getting too much coin in a bag drop. AGS feels you should spend a little bit more at the Trading Post.

AGS promised what again a few months back? No word on the horizon of any of the proposed changes to nerf the Super Companies and their Shells. It’s really amazing. AGS is perfecting Welfare for the top 1%. Bravo guys, If you ever decide to leave the Game Making Industry, might I suggest starting your own Banana Republic somewhere. LMAO You certainly have the skills!

Yes, it’s on the PTR. You shouldn’t need to remember, if you’ve been following the games development it should be at the top of your mind.

You still can’t transfer a character to a server you already have one on. Also, with the upcoming changes, you can only participate in one war a day.

Those are not exclusive. Anyone can do them. They’re also a good way to level up your territory standing to pay less in taxes. They’re incentivizing them because they made upgrades worth more but also disincentivized them by decreasing the XP rewards.

Honestly, the more I think about this change the better it is. Especially considering this will be alongside shell company mitigation.

Yes, it’s quite obvious inflation was going to be a problem on “legacy” servers after the Brimstone Sands update with players being a lot more active, easily generating 1K+ per day.

Maybe before when WW could generate 5 million coins per week, sometimes without a war.

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no kidding

Right cuz those servers will never ever merge, right? Not to mention many of those servers are thriving and beginning to produce good income for the same companies running Legacies. When did having 3 outlets for income become less than 2? Upcoming changes? Should we hold our breath while we continue to see more concessions to the super company monopolies? Also while we’re waiting, who’s getting richer? Your company perhaps?

Why incentivize the governing company and not incentivize the average player with rewards to do project missions? Lowering the project point total is a current proposal and a far better one than finding another excuse to enrich a very very small percentage of the player base.

But there is no shell mitigation now is there? Again who’s getting richer right now? Who’s company?

OK but AGS is simultaneously pouring more money in the Super Companies Coffers. Honestly this assertion by AGS is a smokescreen. If it was just nerfing the bags that’s one thing but increasing sales tax which will stay in the game and fall into the hands of a minute few people… Pretty sus.

Ya maybe… Or maybe not. Considering this may just be the current incarnation of said Welfare for the Rich.

They thought of that.

" * Players will have a limit of 1 defensive War and 1 attacking War per world (resets daily at 5AM server time). These limits will apply to both even if you have two different characters in the same world."

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Oh ya? When does that start? I know this, but that was a long while ago. Since then we’ve done nothing but grease the palms of the Super Governors.

They announced and put this into PTR less than a month ago. It should be coming to live soon.

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Hope it works. Many players have interpreted this particular caveat as meaning 1 def war, 1 attacking war per server. This also remains to be seen as to whether AGS is going to allow 3 characters per region to do 1 of each per server daily. If it plays out like that then having that extra account is a 50% increase in the daily war cap for war loggers. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Very soon™

Why wouldn’t they? It’s a limit per server, not region.

I’m honestly not sure what this means, but there’s very few ways to limit the total number of steam accounts a user can use. I think these changes will vastly limit the number of wars the average person is in.

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Well precisely 4 weeks ago from today.

This isn’t about the average players though now is it? This is about the ruling class and how they’re being catered to despite being a small percentage of our player base.

Who are they catering to with the recent shell company mitigations?

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LOL If there was truly mitigations enacted and they were efficient we would not even be talking right now. These are hypotheticals that have yet to see the light of day in Live.

The trading tax increase is in the PTR as well. Those should all be deployed at the same time. I’m really unsure what you are arguing about at this point, no one will get any additional tax income before the shell company mitigations come out.


As I said already, I hope that works out and can’t wait to see if it works. Really not sure if this was an argument, as much as just a conversation. I prefer to think it is just a conversation. Always enjoy yours and Prasinos333’s perspectives and insights on this forum. As this matter still remains to be resolved I can only hope the future holds positive changes for the game. I reserve my doubts though.

Well, my apologies then.

I hope so as well! I think the proposed changes fixes a lot of issues with shell companies. We’ll see!

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Sorry im lost here… almost was thinking you were defending that big companies should get more money. But it seems not.

But all these changes are actually good, since big companies won’t be able to get huge amount of money, prolly when territory is max lvl they will get 1m per week (should be reduced to 100k or none at all!), but oh well cant have everything right?
And again the process to actually gobble up all territory sure it should be done if they want it, but aint no way they gonna make a huge profit in the early game (again only when territory is at max lvl), so everything seems fine so far and the mitigation coming this month will be much better! on shell companies.