So...if OPR is like this already? What will next patch bring?

Let me let you guys in on why everyone plays a range in OPR.

First of all The time To Kill in this game is way to fast UNLESS a healer is around. gonna go out on a ledge say 95% of people who que opr are not with a healer. Thus range is the best experience.

Second Melee in this game If they cant kill you in a CC or with grit they run away. WHy? because they never had to use dodge outside of making attacker (opal) stronger and closing gap.

Last The melee snare on hit is oppressive, not fun, short sighted, and is something I have never seen in any game and now I know why.

I thought so. And I play on Barri where PVP is very competitive.

Anyone going 400 dex should die in 2 swings of GS or whatever else you wanna left click with.

You need 200 con but 150 at the very least and I assure that you will not be spamming decently geared players with 4k light attacks.

How you going to kill a bow with a gs swing from 10 or 20 or 50 meters away or 85 meters? Like bow heavies do the same damage as great sword heavies and they can hit from across the map. Firestaff heavies hit on average for 2k, fireballs hit on average for 2500 on targets with 0 fire resistance and it has a perk to increase damage by 58 percent. If you think bow isn’t overpowered your why the game dies. Ranged kills the pvp scene, no if ands or buts about it.

Have you never pvp’d before? (duels, arena)

Have you never been hit by a bow or musket from across the map for 1/3 your hp? Sounds like you never pvp.

Why is this something new?
This has been going on for a long time, solo players go ranged/safespace. Premades unless they have a healer, go ranged as well, just focus and 1tap each anything on their line of sight.

What variety of melee builds will we be seeing?

A funny opinion I’ve read from multiple people is that 5 stacks consisting of bruisers in OPR shouldn’t be complaining because your odds of winning are higher. OPR is the only medium-large scale pvp in this game outside of wars (sorry but arenas blow). Id be willing to bet that a good majority of the people that play OPR consistently don’t even care too much about winning. When OPR has been practically the same the entire time since launch. People just want to have fun. Who cares about winning at that point? You think people queuing as medium GA/WH bruiser are sitting in the middle in sun & thinking to themselves “Hey at least were winning ” while there’s 15 light players too scared to enter and are just shooting at the fort trying to pick someone off or just farming damage. What always ends up happening is that people get so damn bored that most of your team runs out of mid, then they get picked apart, & then when you all wipe and come back now you’re getting shot in the open by 15 light players in a fort & boom your OPR is done at that point. Do you guys not understand that OPR has gotten so damn boring to the point that the side with a clear advantage gets so bored of “winning” that they’re willing to run out of mid just to get some sort of action. LOL. Maybe if AGS prioritized some real incentive to winning OPRs you’d see things other than light ranged players taking advantage of a map that is way too big for no reason.

This the truth. You have a few hardcore leaderboard chasers but the majority are just trying to get some PvP while collecting an easy chest/gypsum/shards whatever. Its a terrible experience way too often whether you win or lose.

Why is it you think the only skill based PVP mode blows?

Id agree that 3v3 rewards need to get improved big time.

It takes too long to find a match. It’s too easy if you queue with a stack and then it’s no fun when you solo queue with randoms. No ranked or elo system kills arenas.

Also, what makes 3v3 the only “skilled” game mode?


It’s not even the rewards, it’s just no value with no matchmaking. Why would I want to play a mode against a 2 stack of decent players when I have people who don’t know what a shift button is on my team.

Give me a ranked ELO arena and I’d play. No rewards would incentivize me in the current state

Copium right here.
You have the exact same but worse (due to 5 stacks) in OPR, that’s why games are often so one sided.

Yet people keep queuing because you get solid rewards from it.

Naw I enjoy OPR more my guy. More people to fight, team fights. Can play different roles.

3v3 is very limiting in types of builds you can play and succeed, where as you could actually run a medium support build in OPR. I understand that you think arenas are the pinnacle of PvP, but man I waited 10 min on CoS last time I tried playing and just haven’t tried it again since (mind you I’ve played a lot of arenas, especially when they first dropped)

Exactly, the OPR became as horrible as the arena today. Always always is one-sided.

People continue to enter OPR just for the guaranteed reward.
And because they can use ranged weapons at will.