Solid Six Hours of Gameplay


I logged onto the West Coast network around 9 pm, jumped right into making my character, and then spent a while finding a solid name. After that, I was able to join immediately with no time in queue.

Feedback: Good so far. Simple beginning. I’d have liked a short blurb on naming conventions. As someone who has played a number of MMOs, it can be reassuring for a dev to highlight their stance on what is an appropriate or inappropriate name.

There was a warning that I couldn’t change my PC’s appearance after character creation. I’d like the ability to change hair/make-up/tattoos in the future .

I encountered perhaps 25 other players in the beginner area and experienced no lagging. At times, I had difficulty interacting with an object in the town, I would have to move away and back again before the indicator would pop up.

I tried to get rid of the chat/message screen entirely and couldn’t figure out how to do so despite playing with a number of settings. I prefer a minimal interface and find the constant announcements of people leveling up distracting.

I died once because I ran off to explore and stumbled on what was a “high level” mob for my level 4 PC. I consider that a good experience as prefer areas to feel organic instead of highly partitioned.

Feedback: I wasn’t wowed by the beginner area, but it was solid fun and it served the purpose of introducing me to the various sub-systems.

A good chunk of my first six hours was spent with the various gathering/crafting. I like that the system doesn’t demand I pick only one or two things. The UI for crafting could be improved. I assume the various symbols represent the trade skills but I’m not sure they added anything but visual clutter. The ability to ‘downgrade’ material isn’t useful for someone just starting out and simply had me trying to figure out where I could get the potions and if I’d need to downgrade materials to progress.

On a completely tangental note, I really liked the audio for the various mining/chopping/skinning animations. Skinning’s wet, slippery sound and the different echoes you get when hitting rock vs wood are nice, viseral touches.

The cooking system appears varied. i like that you can mix and match ingredients.

While I’m at it, I also switched out my weapons and liked how they all felt different. I would have liked to use a staff, but there was no easy way to pick one up.

Alteratively, armor doesn’t feel that different right now. i like a number of the styles and how you’ve departed from more middle-ages aesthetics. Some of the coloration I’ve seen is rather garish and ugly, but I assume that was due to players dying their items.

I see that there are various achievements but no proper achievement tracker. I ran around and clicked on all the documents I could find, but would like a clearer way to tell if this will unlock anything or if it’s just flavor.

Anyways–good game so far. I’m only just starting out but it’s made a positive impression.

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