Solo expedition? why not?

I want to give an idea and see if the community likes it, I play a lot of solo because I like it lol, the game for me is still almost a soullike, so why not solo expedition? AGS could create an orb/key that is only for solo player, changing the difficulty of it for solo players to have real challenges, how about it?


plays mmo, to be solo…


mmo has no solo content?

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except for farming and basic quests, normally not ye…

I too would like this.

I find waiting for others to join a total kill joy, and if the solo option were enabled, many more folks that have gotten irked by not being able to to what they want, when they want, might just stick around/come back.


How many 60 level players can already solo themselves through an elite runs-some even capable of shattered mountain areas.

Expeditions solo? Made to level of the player or let the player learn they’re not ready for some bosses or really need to be with a party for an expedition?

I think it would be an excellent addition to the world.
And it would help low population servers with folks who cannot get a party together for what is wanted/when they want.


I posted something more or less like this yesterday…

A solo pve arena/expedition where you fight waves of enemies, each time harder than the next. Truly challenging though. Not easy. And by completing it, you maybe gain special rewards, titles etc.


As an EQ veteran who remembers leveling required grouping…

I agree with the spirit of this but not the reality. Because LFG stuff, which is coming, is almost always basically solo play. No one talks. Everyone says go go go. People are anonymous and assholes. There’s no group play. It might as well be solo or those other players might as well be AI.

MMO culture has changed. So why not let someone have a solo challenge???


Game was not sold as a pure MMO.

Exactly, play with a group or not at all.

Options are bad. Pretty sure logic goes like this

MMO is for multiplayer
But you want solo
Therefore you are wrong as you must join a group due to it being multiplayer

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Hello Pieigeiron! While I understand your desire and wanting new solo content, if not an expedition what solo content would you like to see?

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I would love a Solo Expedition just to cater to my skill level and take my time doing it as I please. Even an Arena to fight endless waves to see how far I can climb up the ladder and beat my last time (example getting to arena lvl 45 before being killed and starting over, which unlocks rewards every 5 levels).

I love questing but lost interest as you are told to go to A, B, C Locations (which in itself isn’t that bad) but being sent back to A to get your rewards. It would be a better quest structure to have quests end on a new quest that’s nearby and just continue questing to your hearts desire. THEN once you’re finished, you claim your rewards in any settlement. It makes it so much easier to claim your rewards there so you can simple teleport there.

Another Solo content piece I’d like to see is, fun random encounters that popup in the world near you or at your location while you’re questing or out in the world gathering. Maybe on your farming run a group of Bandits don’t like you farming so they come in 5 waves of enemies. You have to kill them all to receive a small reward. Or maybe have bounties places on you and you have to hunt down the leader who placed it and kill them to stop a few bandits coming after you. This could also Help with the botting problem. It shouldn’t occur too often as I know players just relaxing gathering wouldn’t want to be bothered too much. I personally wouldn’t mind a few waves of enemies coming after me and only me, kill the last wave that had a lieutenant with a note on him showing you where the leader is (which should be not too far as players will want to go back to farming in said location).

So we have,

  • Solo Expedition to cater to your skill level and have your own rewards. Maybe even choose what type of expedition and what type of possible rewards you can get?

  • A Solo Arena where you fight endless waves of enemies and climb the ladder to receive better reward at each milestone.

  • Puzzles to discover? Haven’t thought too much on this but it would be fun to come across these.

  • Crafters/Gatherer’s solo content. Coming across an NPC in each Zone will ask for certain materials for their own needs. Starting with simple stuff, such as 100 Green Wood, Herbs etc. Crafting stuff for the NPC to bring back. This is just something at the top of my head and haven’t given much thought but it would be nice to have something else besides just combat oriented solo content. Something for Gatherer’s and Crafters to do as a more relaxing experience like the Puzzles content above.

  • Bounties being placed on you while farming or questing in a location for a while maybe? Have 3-5 small waves of enemies and the last having the lieutenant carrying the location of the leader that’s not too far, for you to hunt down and kill to end your bounty and a reward. Also to add as an option, if you kill all the waves and don’t seek out and kill the leader and stay where you are, then a 10 minute break will occur and the leader will seek out better bandits to hunt you down, which continues to a maximum of 5 separate waves, he gets fed up and comes to you for a bigger battle, he will be a lot stronger too. Example: First is 3 waves of small easy enemies, with a lieutenant with location of leader, go there and kill to stop end the bounty. If not, another wave of enemies comes along that is stronger with each wave up to a max of 5 waves, continue to ignore going after the leader, the last and final wave will have strong enemies as well as the leader himself. After you kill them, the bounty will end. This could occur around 3 times a day. Obviously balancing and scaling will have to be done and another note is these enemies should only target you and receive no damage from anyone else but you (hence the meaning solo). If players do want the help of their friends then they have to be in your party, which will then scale the waves difficulty to match your party. During the 10 minute break you can add your friends to your party which will then scale the next and final attack with the leader, during the final wave, if anyone leaves your party, they cannot rejoin or do any damage to the wave.

These are just a few ideas that I hope the team and the community will like and they can of course give their own thoughts and ideas or changes.

Thanks! :smiley:

Note: The reasoning for Solo content as some have suggested isn’t needed in an MMO, is because sometimes waiting to gather a group of people or waiting for your friends to come online after work/school is tiring and wasted time. Some players only have an hour or two to jump on and would love solo content! A lot of times waiting around kills the fun and you end up not playing and doing something else.


Can you plz get the boys to remove the requirement for 3 people to open expeditions so we can at least solo the lower level ones?


I would personally love the idea to Solo my Amrine or Startstone.
I’d just remove the need of 3 players to open the istance. But in anyway I wouldn’t like to see the content scaled down; Aka no you are not going to solo your Genesis or Lazzaro, until your GS will be boosted to 900 maybe in 3-5 years XD.
But I understand that some team mechanics like “standing on things” in Amrine or requiring 3 Azoth staff would need to be taken away first.

Just wait for the expedition que system.

The idea behind running a dungeon solo, on an MMO, is just odd.

Game does need more solo content…but not with expeditions.

I like the idea of some solo expeditions for players that would enjoy them. Times I want to just do my own thing. Me and the wife play the game and i have asked a few times for them to drop em from 3 to 2 to get in we would love it. we are solo players that love PVE content. MMOs have had solo players from the start. So something like this would be fun.


Since you asked, why not a solo arena? See how long a solo player lives through waves of mobs?


Imagine if you could go inside a corrupted portal that teleports you to a corrupted plane of existence that is procedurally generated. Also, it should be a dangerous place where you dont just take corrupted damaged with the resistance decay, but it should be setup where there are obstacles to overcome, not just combat. it should test you critical thinking.

Amazing how this MMORPG thing is turning into a SOLO game…

Wokes will continue to surprise me !

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You are so far off base with this comment. Yes its a MMORPG we are not saying that we want to get rid of Group content far from it. MMO don’t mean Group only content. By definition it means interacting with other players and as a solo player we do that in many different ways while playing.