Solution for Healer juggernauts

Make bleeds reduce healing by 15% per stack

i.e a weapon user able to inflict a stack of 4 bleeds (i.e rapier/spear) could place a -70% healing debuff on someone.

Bleed Weapons

Rapier = Tando (3 stacks max 12 secs, shared with a bow i think)
Bow = Rain of Arrows (3 stacks max 12 secs, shared with rapier I think)
Spear = Skewer (1 stack max 15 seconds separate bleed)


not a solution, tondo sucks.

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you were right, i redid it, what yah think now?

Honestly… They just need to make Light, Medium, and Heavy work similar to DND mechanics. They already have half of the equation with the healing/dmg bonus on light and medium. They just need to put casting negatives on heavy gear. Currently the heavy gear has virtually no drawback to use as a caster. Especially since the bonuses from light/medium don’t actually do anything because it’s based of of your base damage which is almost nothing. Once the healers are squishier, it’s not a problem. You can focus them down without lowering their healing at all.

oh so like a casting time penalty?

i.e + seconds to use magic abilities, something like that?

idk, no one really plays bleeds because the trees are bad. There are better solutions for pvp.

The large circle that sits on the ground needs to not provide any fortifying effects, and it should be balanced.

Maybe this is a change to make tondo not suck anymore. At least in PvP.

thats not a sollution because this will also aply to people not using heavy armor

also a single healer needs to outpeform a single dps with ease but should not be able to kill him
because when a single healer cant outpeform a single dps how is one suppose to heal anything

Here are some ideas:

Reduce the duration of the healing zones and HoTs (currently a healer can just use one spell every 10-15 seconds and keep 10 people alive)
Reduce or delete effect of simultaneous healing from multiple casters
Reduce mana regen and healing by like 50% if you’re in heavy armor
Reduce vitality recharge in heavy or increase dodge cost
Increase the amount of spells that can cut healing
Fix resilience bug
Buff light/medium armor damage: give it passive armor pen for example

Currently, full tank heavy armor can walk up (without dodging) to a light armor dps and 3 shot him, while getting hit 20 times and losing less than half hp, then regen to full with one potion or half a healing spell.

Dps needs to hit his damage.
Person taking damage can dodge hits
Healing an ally is a lot easier than dealing damage to an enemy

Right now, tank + heal can run in 2v10 and stay alive for minutes.

true but also untrue
i think before trying to balance we should focus on fixing
you cant realy tell what is intended and what not since everything is exploited and to much is not working

ive seen a single person kill 4 people
ive seen a single tank tanking 7 people
ive seen so much s***
i dont even know where to start xD

That alone is already enough.
And if it wasnt, only after that there is a merit in any further change.

All they need to do is.

  1. Fix bugs with armor and weapons.
  2. Make all debuffs with damage like Burn, Bleed, Poison, Shock to decrease healing A LOT and remove healing effects from target.

With this those debuffs would be useful and also healer buffs that remove them - too.

I mean, it still wouldn’t be worth it to take over grace.

The problem is not healing outout, its the fortifying + resils fortifying nature that are stacking and causing it.

The solution is really simply, nerf all (maybe not tank stuff) fortifying talents to a max of 8% so the over all damage reduction drops form 60% to 30-40%.

Fix resilience lower healing to heavy armor users

This is what pisses me off. You do not undertstand how the healing works. Even with a -70% healing debuff heavy armor users will still 1v6/1v10.

It is how the skills interact with the armor types you use. That -70% is negated by simply dodging 1ce and standing in sacred ground.

This is not that healing is to strong it is a heavy armor problem. There is no risk vs reward you need to make the risk vs reward worth while.

The only way to do that is to do what i have proposed by changing how the skills work.

Example: To get the 50%+ to healing from your sacred ground you have to be in light armor. To get the 30% per buff on your target you need to be in light armor.

You take out a weapon that has defensive buffs as well as the lifestaff buffs and food even with a -70% healing reduction you can still get +250% heal on lights embrace. This skill is meant to be high risk high reward skill for light armor users but heavy armor uses can abuse it. This skill will heal you from 10% to full if you are fully buffed every time you use it so all you have to do in heavy armor is run around in your own heals and watch lemmings follow.

The fix is to make people wear light armor to get the +healing percentages from the skills and that fixes heavy armor w/o changing the values of healing OR the values of heavy armor so classes that need to use that type of armor get rewarded and healers stay rewarded.

I can guarantee you 1 flanking DPS class can shut down a light armor healer.

the issue is more accurately the amount of damage reduction at play. some changes should be made like

  • Foritifying should not stack, but should overlap. for example all forms of fortifying that are non-tank related but group oriented should give 6 or 8% Dr, where tank should give 10-12%. This is largely because it helps tanks have a role both in pve, and pvp.

  • Gear should not exceed 17.5% Damage reduction total.

  • Enchants/Effects/Gems should not exceed more then 7.5% Damage reduction

This means the total DR would eseentually be capped at 17.5+7.5+12% or 37%.
i’d go a step further and set a hardcap @ 35%.

Tanks should also be looked at to provide group related HP buffs, instead of DR in most cases (minus a major CD). This means they will provide/help give more survivability, while not impacting over all damage/dps rates (which is a form of psyhological warfare of sorts against players).

People will be ok wacking on someone another 2-3 times for their normal damage rates, but will be annoyed to see they 20-50 damage on the screen. IT creates a very toxic, unrewarding experience.