Solution for Healer juggernauts

I agree there are few drawbacks to heavy. In spear/bow, I mix in a dodge for both weapons as part of my rotation. Being in heavy works just fine for this.

I think having:
Heavy: Highest physical defense, lowest elemental defense.
Light: Lowest physical defense, highest elemental defense.
Medium: balanced between highest and lowest.

Sure it would have some of its own problems though.

no need to get pissed off with folks wanting to contribute to a solution.

but thankyou for explaining it, its appreciated.

The thing is Fortifying is not needed to be a god with heavy/lifestaff. You can do it with faction gear no gems using beacon+lights embrace+sacred ground. That is with 343 focus and 50con.

It is purely a heavy armor is to strong for healers due to the way the current heals work. If you rework the heals so you get the percentage benefits(from sacred ground and lights embrace) only if you are in light armor then it fixes the lifestaff heavy users w/o ruining the experience for every other build/damage dealer tank and so on.

That fortifying issue is a separate issue in itself but it…IMO has nothing to do with heavy armor using lifestaff users.

Unlike other users who are just using heavy+lifestaff and have been since release i have used heavy+lifestaff but i have been light armor since release and i can tell you now 1 DPS class may not be able to kill a light armor healer but they can shut them down to the point where you have to choose between healing yourself or healing the group.

In which is the issue when it comes to heals, If you can stand with the front line and out heal the splash damage that is a problem. You can not do this in light armor, It can be done in both medium and heavy armor w/o the aid of fortifying.

I do agree fortify stacking is an issue and needs to be solved as well but IMO this is a separate issue to the heavy/lifestaff user problems since with or w/o fortifying stacks you can still do the same thing.

Yea my bad i may of been a bit of an ass sorry kind soul <3

Tis all good ;D

random arbitrary meaningless numbers and guessimates with no facts and no evidence

more random arbitrary meaningless numbers and guessimates with no facts and no evidence

fr bro, every time one of these threads pop up I lose iq reading the ideas people come up with, it’s extremely obvious that 95% of the players have 0 idea how healing works and have never equipped a life staff when they make suggestions like every debuff should reduce healing and cancel aoe heals, or damage reduction should be capped at 17%, like in what world could tanks even exist if they just took 3k damage per hit from 20 people at a time during war with a 15k hp pool. it’s like they don’t even think before they just spew words out onto these posts. always just throwing a tantrum that they can’t insta kill every healer or tank they see.

Do people actually want the game to play like this stupid hatchet glitch meta 24/7 where people just zerg rush you and kill you in 3 light attacks permanently? For wars it’s basically mandatory for healers to wear heavy sets because a late game bow/gun/mage can just 2 shot you in light, there is literally 0 way to protect healers from damage in a war so they have to be durable.

When you are level 60 and geared its hardly a problem. You have almost 500 attribute points to choose from.

Anyone can just do 300 strength + 200 con, that makes them basically a tank while also having high damage. Or if that number is hard to get because you don’t have stat food, then try to do 250 str 200 con. Even 200 str 200 con is extremely easy to achieve.

These dudes running around with 5 con and then cry that a healer killed them, yeah a turkey can probably kill them too lmao.

That is already achieved with faction gear + 580 weapons.
Its a mistery to me why no one says: stats are unnecessary, there is no choice to be made, because at the end, everyon has
300 damage stat (no matter which kind) + 150 - 200 constitution.

The thing about bouncing ideas around is sometimes sure, bad ones get brought up, but with engaging with each other you do get a better chance of arriving at a good idea.

Basicly stop being a sour puss and help :slight_smile:

just drop percentages on heals. the life staff percentage
at lvls. staffs at lvl 25 is 20%. drop it to 17%.
little changes. baby steps. not giant leaps.
quit changing things massively because then you get bigger problems.

fortifying is granted by sacred. It is definitely the issue, because it iallows people to stack upwards of 95% Damage reduction.

so screw healers just to playing your stupid game being just heals. cant play the game like everyone else can. no dps and now no heals, your not going to have any healers. have a nice day people. you wan to have all and do nothing. while your healer just sits there healing you. O how fun watching everyone else play.

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