Solution for Open World PvP: +20% Haste while PvP Flagged

There it is, the simple solution to massively buff open world pvp.

Looking at the long distances the risk-benefit ratio will be clearly positive with more ppl flagging to get the haste.

PvP Flagging needs a significant buffs/changes. Hopefully this will be addressed at some point because right not, you gain fairly little while flagged. Even the Gathering Luck doesn’t make much of a difference with most having T3 Trophies and Gathering Clothing Sets.

so you can hit rocks and trees 20% faster…isn’t this the only reason we go out of town:)

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Haste means Movement Speed.

even better i can reach my rocks faster :rofl:

ah yes and people can run away faster so they don’t need to waste time on PVP, while the shiny rocks wait to be collected


My big issue is why PVE people that never do PVP profit of Fort Bonus and Territory Bonus ?

This is beyond me !

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even war heroes need crafters and gatherers in the company, they don’t fight but they make the main team stronger:)


Of course its beyond you!

And so PvPers can run away from NPC mobs faster too. They just want to reduce risk on the map while claiming to increase risk from PvP.
It’s so obvious it’s just a PvPer begging for goodies.


who needs fighting, we all go full farmer mode and compare who has the biggest tomato

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I think a better idea would just be to make PvP servers tbh

Bad idea.

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No. Pvp already gains more than enough benefit from flagging buff. No more inches.


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