Solution for pvp mode, happy ending for everyone

hey guys , i have a couple of thoughts to improve the activity of the game.
Before starting, I need to make a point, new world do need pvers and pvpers. we dont have to fight with each other, it cant be getting better without pvpers or pvers.

  1. teleport point
    The shrine can be contested, and after the fights, guards can be hired with resources to protect the shrine. There are three levels of the guards: guards level 1 can be easily defeated by a group of 5 in 3mins, guards level 2 can be easily defeated by 2 groups in 5mins, and guards level 3 can be defeated by 4 groups in 10mins.
    In peacetime, teleports will be charged double price for non-occupied faction players. for example: instead of 10 azoth, anyone else other than faction members who occupied this shrine need to pay 20 gold, 20 azoth for getting through.
    In time of war, the shrine of the current territory where the war is taking place is only available to players of faction which owns this territory. So before the war begins, you need to be clear what strategy you’re going to make, which shrine need to be taken, and how many resources you’re going to invest in hiring high level guards, in the mean time you also can send a small number of your members to support the defense of the shrine, so that the players of your faction can quickly come to support you and your company by teleport . (players are not allowed to teleport straight to the settlement during war time)

  2. War
    To claim a war, a certain amount of resources(lets call it X) must be submitted to the system. X is not constant. It can be 10k green woods, 5k fibers, 3k iron ore, etc, or 20k green woods, 10k fibers, 5k iron ore, etc if you like. it depends on your strategy.
    as the defense needs to submit 50%/65%/80%*X to the system when it received a declaration of war, such as a certain amount of woods, fibers, ores, fishes, etc. Otherwise they will get a DEBUFF: low in resources,low in morale 50%/65%/80%. with this debuff, the damage and healing effects of the players reduced by 20%/10%/0%.
    for example,my company is focus on pve,we want windsward badly, but its occupied by a pvp company. they have so many skilled and experienced players. they’re so good at pvp, but its fine, after discussing with my members, we decided to invest 100K green woods and 100k fibers and so on to make sure they’ll be low in resources and morale,so they’ll have to fight us with a debuff(attack power and healing affects -20%),so we have a good chance of winning.
    The number of resources submitted by both sides which is X+80%*X will be used as the double (or triple even more) output of the resources of the current territory and the resources reward will be evenly divided into 2 as the upper limit for both sides. The upper limit is the amount of resources X+80%*X which was submited by both of sides before the war starting.
    The flagged Players from two of the sides of the war can enter the war zone to engage in activities such as logging, mining, gathering, fishing, pvp, etc.and they will be benefit by minning,logging,gathering and fishing also.
    This setting will help balance the numbers of each faction also. The resources available to each of them personally will be very small if there’re too many members of one of the factions enter the war territory to collect resources.
    in the meantime, When you’re logging/mining/gathering/fishing, you’re also making war resource points for the company which is fighting in the war instance of this territory ,the war resource points can help the company to build cannons and buy ammo for both of the defense and the offense. during the war, once you place a cannon near the exit of your military camp, no one would dare to come close,you’ll have plenty of space to arrange your tactics . that means the players who are at outside of the War instance will also help and influence the outcome of the war. Therefore, no matter which company or faction you are, you’re gonna need help from other people, you’re gonna build your reputation in new world, honor your faction and your people,unite everyone as you can. In that case, every one would have a chance to be part of it, and people will become more connected to each other and more positive.
    on other hand, if your company is not that good at pvp, you’re a pve company, you still have a chance to win the war, occupy a settelment, and expand your influence. it depends on how many rescources you’re willing to invest in a war and how many resources you can accumulate.
    When a company goes to a war, a war resource collection can be set up, and anyone is able to donate resources to it.

  3. Production tax
    Every piece of resources you collected on the current territory will be marked, and when you trade or use these marked resources you will automatically pay production tax based on the current rate set by the company who owns the territory. The tax rate is capped at 10% and minimum at 5%. Only the resources that are not marked when you flagged and collected in the enemy’s occupied territory will not be taxed. Taxes of resources can’t be withdrawn by company, they can only be used as war resources.

these 3changes can help balance the numbers of 3 factions as i said. and everyone would be involved more or less when the war is coming. it dosent force people to flag, you dont have to fight with someone face to face, but you can still help your company or your faction to win the war. there would be much more flagged people hang out in war territory, so, it would be fun for people who likes world pvp. for pve comany, you’ll have a chance to compete with the hard core company. for the hard core company, you’re still ahead of the competition.
its happy ending for everyone.


come on ,guys ,leave your coments plz.

These ideas seem good, but need more iterating so that they are less complex, more intuitive and better understood by the simples of players, in my opinion.

thx for your coment,im sorry ,my english is so bad ,so it might be not that easy to understand what im trying to express.but i think you’re right.

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Try to make the systems less complex, more intuitive.

Easier to comprehend at a simple basic level. So easy that a small child could figure out how it works. Please see my below example and let me know if that helps.

When you see a door knob, even if you’ve never seen one before, you can intuit that it is of a size to fit into your hand and meant to be turned. Through trial and error, you find the correct way to operate the door knob. Usually this is by turning the knob to the right, clockwise, as the majority of people are right handed or right hand dominant.

of course it helps, but im not sure ill try my best ,ty again!

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  1. Don’t ever touch fast travel. It’s done now. Everyone hated walking so they put in lots of FT points. Just don’t touch it.

IMO the only way to make taking control of territories more fun and accessible to other players outside of the company that holds the territory is to have other points of interest like farms, ruins etc be claimable by other players and upgradable. This contributes to influence as well other other territorial perks like increased gatherign, crafting buffs etc etc. also these a regularly attacked by ai enemies like mini invasions and you can also place helpful ai like bears, brutes, ghost so not only do they need to be defended from enemy factions but also ai attacks. pve’ers can contribute resources to upgrade parts of the POI (think forts in OPR) Provides both pvp and pve.

Your 3rd point i can’t comment about.

In general pvp needs a lot of attention. You have such a large discrepancy between the balance of arenas, OPR and wars that if they just improved those things NW would be a lot more fun. There’s issues with weapon balance in 1v1’s let alone adding more people to the mix and then you throw network/server instability on top of that.

You fix the network issues and you would probably have 30% of people come back to the game.

people still can use TP as usual,20 gold and 20 azoth as a tp cost i think its not even a thing to anyone by now. It just introduces some competitive people coud have some fun with it.

about war thoughts,im trying to resolve some problems
1.try to get as many people involved as possible in a certain big enough area but not by force.
2.try to keep the conflict fragmentary,diversification,so casual players would have enough space to adjust their strategy,they only need to do is follow their own pace and have some fun.
3.try to solve that some hardcore company are so dominant that no one can compete with them, this would destroy the ecology of the server, they would get boring also if there’s no competition.
4.try to make more interaction between pvpers and pvers.

If it doesn’t have a large fee then why bother at all. In general it’s just a bad idea to make it harder for people to move around in open world games cos of the time invested in them. People just want to get to meaningful content.

Yeh at the moment there are too many issues with balance and bugs that makes it hard for people to think it’s worth committing to activities because it just doesn’t seem like a fair fight.

They need the score boards asap but people are already hating the idea because the balance and bugs aren’t going to allow for accurate scoring and they feel like people are going to exploit the system to come out on top.

FS servers have shown how things could have been without the exploits that plagued the original release.

To be honest I think the next year will essentially be the final stage of the NW beta. By this time next year hopefully we’ve reached a point where network issues and bugs are at a more reasonable place and then they can start adding some decent content.

Anything they add now will just be a duct tape solution to get people to stay/come back

I came back mid year and fresh start servers didn’t offer anything new that I hadn’t done last year or since returning so I’m not too fussed about the fresh starts. Brimstone Sands was good until I had completed everything in a few days. Now it’s just more of the same. I’ll be playing more casual now until each announcement to see what the updates are like. Apart from that I garantee there won’t be any major changes that will bring people back for the long term.

:crossed_fingers:we see something amazing happen with both PvP and PvE

I dont like ur ideas. PvP should not involve so much PvE and farming resources.

to be honest,its pretty hard to creat a new pve content, so ,there might have not many options.

To add to your points though, AGS have said they’re adding practice wars or something along those lines for people outside of the occupying company to get involved in. They’re doing cross-server OPR early next year and then starting to release new PvP modes.

All I can say is if the new modes aren’t a battle royal and something like a moba I can’t imagine they will pull big numbers.

Most other types of PvP die out quickly. Look at capture the flag in games. How long do people bother with that? Not long. Although I do believe faction missions should be more like a capture the flag mechanic. Mostly though people don’t really like running influence :joy:

Destiny 2’s Gambit mode would work really well in NW because it’s a mix of PvE and PvP.

To get more people involved in the faction conflict you would need more things to do towards it. At the moment all we have is wars and occupying any of the 10 territories up for grabs.

Like you’ve said there’s an issue with overpowered companies and this has to do with them being able to get a large group of people keen to go to war. Many other players just want to stick to their groups of friends or a small number of people and don’t want to deal with the complexities of managing 50+ people.

This is why I think it’s important to have smaller occupiable locations like farms to give smaller groups something to do and contribute to their faction and allied companies.

This would also create the synergy between PvE and PvP you’re talking about if there were parts of the farms, forts etc that were upgradable. Pvers can go collect materials to upgrade the buildings and add turrets, friendly ai just like the forts in OPR.

This is a mechanic they have in the game so they could literally add a few forts around each territory to give it a try on the PTR to get peoples reaction.

Whoever holds the forts the faction rep increases 1% per 5 minutes. Also provide some extra PvE and PvP buffs. Something along those lines.

thx for your coment.

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Another idea could be that a specific world boss appears that’s super hard that each faction needs to fight each other over to get some nice rewards and bonuses for towns.

Imagine Turkulon giving a speed buff and more influence gained per faction mission run per person. Pretty sure factions would be fighting over that.

Just don’t make it Turkulon specifically because we’ve all killed it enough :slight_smile:

yeah,thats what i mean, its not a 50vs50 or 100vs100 capturing the flag in a small area but 100vs100 or 200vs 200 in a big enough area, people are divided into very small groups and scatted, fighting the enemy separately. you also dont have to fight if you dont want to, just gather then run away or just hide if you see someone comes by. your goal is trying to gather/log/mine as much as you can during wartime.

yeah , i heard, sounds good , but i have a little worried that how could a weak faction compete with a strong faction for the world boss? maybe they have already considered it,we’ll see.

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