Solution for whingers

I play on a pretty low population server.
At least 50% of chat in the global channel is people moaning and complaining about how (in their opinion) bad the game is.

I think you chaps at AGS have done a great job so far and cannot think of anything that has given me so much fun for a single one off fee.
Yes…there have been minor bumps in the road…but you’ve jumped on them as quick as possible and done something to try and sort the issue.
I cannot believe that you are still adding more content for my initial fee.
Outstanding value.

As for all of the complainers…can we make a moaning channel. People that want to gripe can go there and and cry to their hearts content about how hard done to they are.
We, the appreciative crowd could then switch the moan channel off and not have to listen to the barrage of bile and poison.

Before some smartass says “Turn global off, if it annoys you so much”, the server population is so low, global is the only chance to find a group to do group content.

Keep up the good work.


I bet your level 30

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you+are = you’re

They will just continue to moan in global even if you give them a moan channel.

Have a feeling if someone made a ‘Moan’ channel…other things will happen in there…

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Thank you

the server population is so low, global is the only chance to find a group to do group content.

Umm you know the recruitment channel is a thing right?

Types in yellow chat.

Magically finds a group cause of it.

Pog, the power of colors.

Been playing since mid alpha pal,
I didn’t want to rush but hit 60 2 weeks after launch…you?

500 hours, games terrible.

We’re playing a pirate game, it should be “you+are= yar” :grin:

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Yes, but its also a Robin Hood game so it could also be “Thou art”

Hey Mdisme nice to see a familiar name in the forum’s.

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You saw the title of the thread and this is the thing you wanted to correct?

Can we combined them at least and have a “thou yar’t”

This game is just so oppressive D:

Shut it down… SHUT IT DOWN.

The crybabies act like they have Stockholm syndrome or something. Nobody is stopping them from leaving. If the player base dip is as bad as they say it is and ISNT normal for any MMO post launch week, then they should pack up and fucking leave. Sick of their shit man.

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