Solution to deflation: gold weight

1000 gold weights 10 units → hoard gold, run out of azoth → no more deflation → profit!

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deflation is when there’s not enough currency

Ever heard of velocity of money?


While you’re at it, let’s make all meals weight at least 1 pound. Let’s disallow potion stacks beyond a “just how many vials could you actually hold?”. Let’s make a chunk of iron ore or a piece of wood weight at least a pound, etc…

Cloth? Can anyone really carry a couple hundred bolts of linen at a time? 500 arrows?

I think you see where this whole encumbrance thing is going…


suddenly i’m having flashbacks to buying my first horse in eq and waddling from the bank to the baz… which they dropped years later, because having money as weight, wasn’t a great idea in the long run.

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I don’t see how this would help at all.

No one is “hoarding” money. Some people have lots of gold because of wars, etc. Why should they be punished? What, exactly, do you expect them to do with their money? They aren’t buying anything from the trading post because player-made items are not useful. So what are they supposed to do with their money? Buy a bunch of stuff from the trader and drop it on the ground?

Can you elaborate on how this would help?

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There are other solutions to deflation as well, but money weight is a simple one if they still want to have money scarce.

To elaborate, the reason for declining prices in all servers is everyone is hoarding their gold → not spending it. If carrying gold is penalized, people would rather spend it.

I mean, this just isn’t my experience at all, and no one I know is experiencing this.

Most of my money goes to taxes and wars. The remaining sits on my character because I have NOTHING to spend it on. There is nothing that I can use on the trading post. Nothing.

So, again, can you explain what I am supposed to actually do with my money?

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My alt is sitting on just under 30k (thanks to fishing and engineering item sales of starmetal tools and T3/4 multi-perked fishing poles). I would happily spend a bunch of it on better gear but most of what I am seeing these days on the Trader is gear with absolutely horrid stat/perk rolls on it that isn’t worth spending anything on.

money already IS scarce on a lot of servers…

You’re not spending as it retains it value, anything you buy doesn’t. This should be reversed.

Ok, well it seems like you understand now that money weight isn’t going to solve the issue. The economy itself needs tweaks that encourage people to spend money. There are plenty of other topics that cover suggestions for that. Hopefully, we’ll see some changes in the future.

Money being scarce is not necessarily a problem, optimally there isn’t inflation or deflation, but the value of things remains constant.

There are many ways to solve this, but I would not solve it e.g. increasing drop rates or allow gold from fishing.

Weight has already made this game a chore to manage. Among that and half the players are losing their houses/storage items without compensation. I do not want this game to be weight management simulator…

On Morrow the only gear listed anymore now is just greens lmfao. There is literally nothing for me to spend my gold on now. I’m not going for voidbent, rather stick with faction gear and work on either farming or crafting something a bit more long term.

I don’t really buy materials. Go out and get most of my stuff.


money being scarce is an issue on several servers… due to the current gold sinks like housing taxes, repair costs, crafting taxes, market tanked to where eventhing is undercut to things costing .01 gold etc and less ways to make it for some once they hit 60.

Money might not be scarce, might be just that people are hoarding it.

AGS knows how much gold is on the servers in distribution, would expect that the amount is going up, not down.

do you read the forums? there’s been complaints about people not being able to make enough money for the last few weeks, i’m not talking about selling through the market either.

This is, however, also a problem for ingame economy. AGS tried to flex with how much money enters the system vs how much money leaves it. However, money that just sits in players’ inventory is not “in the system”. If it just sits there, it’s not circulating. It’s removed from the system as good as if it was deleted.

In RL if you put money into your savings account, the bank uses it to fund loans and credit for other clients. You then earn interest rate p.a. - that is how you keep money circulating. Or you can invest the money, in which case again it re-enters the system and at the end of a predefined period you earn your investment plus interest.

NW of course doesn’t have such mechanism, so if you just keep a 100k sitting in your character’s wallet, that’s 100k completely removed from the system. And the more people hoard money, the worse the deflation becomes.