Solution to deflation: gold weight

Have you considered that they cant make money by selling things to people because people are hoarding gold?

Exactly so.

okay… take a moment and reread what i typed…

Do the same.

when i say i’m NOT talking about the market and you reply about selling on the market… see the disconnect?

So effectively the total amount of gold doesn’t matter, only solo gold?

Have you considered that this is a MMO?

have you considered on some servers, with all the gold sinks, and far less ways to make it once they hit 60… some aren’t hoarding gold, they just can’t make enough without grinding the shit out of killing stuff?

Have you considered that if a certain % of players hoard, everyone else is short on gold.

The question is what % is currently.

There is still no one hoarding gold. People are not spending gold because there is nothing to spend it on. They need to make crafted items better than RNG world drops at all levels.

This idea of adding weight will do absolutely nothing to fix this issue and is a horrible idea.

i love how you assume there’s a pot of gold out there somewhere being hidden by some leprechauns…

I know there is, as I’m hoarding myself as well.

When prices are in deflation, it’s common practice to hoard.

AGS:s resident economist is for sure looking at the gold totals per server, and seeing that the amount is going up.

Also, she/he can witness the prices going down on every server. The only question is what is the best solution to the problem.

Adding more gold drops one is one option, but a lame one.

Blockquote To elaborate, the reason for declining prices in all servers is everyone is hoarding their gold → not spending it. If carrying gold is penalized, people would rather spend it.<

This is so ridiculously wrong it has to be a troll. Go look up the steam achievements. Pay particular attention to the % values for the crafting achievements. Barely 1/4 of the player base is crafting. Now go look at the market. Try to buy a piece of armor. Sort it by your main stat. Filter out level ranges you don’t want. You can’t? Well I know, just sort by slot and grade of armor. Lets say, light head pieces. How many pages do you see? Quite a few right?

On my server it can be as many as 10 pages. If you just click on gear and not sort it, hundreds of pages. Now go farm a lvl 60 area like Myrkgard. You can open dozens of supply chests and about a dozen (give or take) elite chests. 1 run and I have between 800 and a thousand pounds of loot including 50 to 100 weapons and gear. Yes most of it is worthless, but not all of it. Multiply that by even just 100 players who do this daily. That is just one of the farms. That much gear plus the faction gear plus all the world legendary drops you can farm and its no wonder people aren’t crafting or buying anything right now.

tldr: people aren’t spending gold because 99% of the crap in the market is junk.

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Correct, very little point in spending in gear as the game is now, but people would buy materials to level up their crafting if hoarding gold would be penalized. Currently it’s rational to wait until the price of something hits 0,01 before buying it to level up your craft.

So your “Barely 1/4 of the player base is crafting.” is a result, not a cause.

“Lots of people have lots of money…because they duped gold and resources”

Fixed for you.

The game is inly a few weeks old. I refuse to believe anyone who says they reached max gold already without either

Pilfering Company/Town funds

I have no idea how many people exploited duping. I don’t think it’s “lots”, but I have no evidence either way. If you have some, please feel free to share.

In any case, this thread is about whether or not gold should have weight to discourage hoarding. Reaching “max gold” has nothing to do with it.

I guess you just wanted to bring up duping for some reason? That’s obviously a bug that should be fixed and there should be consequences for whoever abused it.

Would be good for AGS to make the server data available & visible, based on that it would be fairly easy for anyone to understand whats going on.

I might be the richest person on my server, excluding company funds. Estimate it to be at around 300K.

There are a few issues when it comes to crafted items.
The ~550 range items sell reasonably well if they have good perks, however it is mostly jewellery since its the only thing that isnt tradeable drops. The largest problem with selling items is that people can put so much junk on the tradepost, the good stuff just gets hidden amongst the junk. There simply arent enough filter options available to sort through it.

When it comes to the 585-600 range crafted items (using the timegated asmodeum, ebony, phoenixweave, runic leather) the cost of the materials becomes much higher. However, at that gearscore range, people are unwilling to pay for a ‘okay but not SUPER good’ item. Hence crafting them is a-priori often not worth it when you do a cost-benefit analysis – maybe 1 in 8 is ‘good’ and 1 in 50 ‘excellent’, but no one is paying 150k for an item at the moment. Not because the item might not be worth that much, but currently people just havent farmed long enough that anyone aside of someone like me or a company owner could afford it. They are unwilling to farm for days on end to just get a small upgrade compared to the 550 gs items.

We only craft the 585-600 gs stuff really when we use our company’s pooled resources, and then just force good perks on the item (like keen on rings). The focus stuff then goes to healers, int to mages, str/con to melee’s / tanks etc. Even still, you get plenty of shitty combos like str/int and dex/focus which are basically just a salvaged 13 asmodeum piece of jewellery.

Similarly, the only thing I buy are the legendary metals (cinnabar, tolvium) and fibers (scalecloth, blisterweave) as well as gems for my jewelcrafting. I sometimes might buy some 4.8-5% gathering luck items if I need them when I want to do some gathering. For everything else? Not really worth it. The only other things worth buying are raw resources - oil, motes, rawhides, that type of things.

The best weapons come from endgame dungeons. If you look at the perks on a 600 GS Lazarus weapon you will see that its pointless to pay a crafter a shit ton for a custom weapon, given the price required to make it perfect. You will just grind your watermarks and get it there. Hell, people did the math and PvP faction gear is only 2% worse than voidbent in damage mitigation.

When it comes to some armour pieces, they might be valuable if they get a 600 GS legendary roll with good perks. or sub 600 but high gs resilient+good perk combo. This is the reason why I’m buying those materials - to get myself some nice 600 GS rolls on gear.

deflation is a good thing to have. what we are experiencing is a poorly made game, where silver is valuble but gold and platinum are worthless even though they are higher tier.

Gold/platinum are worthless because they arent needed to make orichalchum/asmo ingots which you use late tier. And since they dont give more xp when levelling, you only need silver stuff to level fast and then use orichalcum later on.