Some advices abouts new dps weapons and nerf for melee


Firstly, i appreciate your great work on GA dear AGS. I really liked this nerf, it makes this game more balanced and playable but we need more than that! I usually play as ranged dps with archer/musket, archer/spear etc.
Even if i use light armor most of heavy armor(especially great axe players) can grab me easily regardless of my armor type. The reason is their dash skills i think. You need to remove skills like great axe charge and you must replace with kind of execution skills. In this scenerio we could play this game in peace like other melee players.
My second and special idea is 'bout adding new dps weapons to the game.
I have 3 weapons in my mind you can change it ofc i’m not perfect but it should stick to my base idea.
First weapon is Negev!
By using this weapon we’ll have a machine gun type weapon in this game and we’ll be adressing much more people. It’ll be very funny, i think ultimate skill should be rocket like jinx ult of LOL
Second weapon is Auto Sniper!
Yes we have medieval musket in the game but as i said before we need to address and attract more people to start New World. We could do this easily by adding AUTO SNIPER(Lover of cs go players)
The last weapon is Energy Type Weapons
I have an inspiration from Apex Legends in this one. I spoke with my friends about this idea especially and u know what? They all loved it! You have to add this weapon and you’ll see the quick impact in your game!
My last word is about GA you have to nerf ga dash skill and you should slow their movements they grab 2 heavy weapons in their hands they can’t move like this eventually…


so basically what you’re saying is " dont let people reach me because i suck at the game " the fact that you think melee players play the game in peace is ridiculous

Im sorry but if you’re still getting caught by melee while youre in light you’re just dogshit at the game. Idk what to tell you.

i agree with you. they should nerf GA harder. Melee should kill melee. Ranged should kill melee and ranged. Ranged should be invincible against everything except ranged.

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Great suggestion, Melee sgould be -50% movement speed, coz big Melee is heavy and over weight.
bow should have charge. my fren also agreed

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