Some Alligators don't count for Town Board cull missions

Alligators around Cutlass Keys > Pullpatch Cover do not count for Town Board cull missions. They are not marked as quest targets and do not give credit when killed.

Thanks for reporting this, GrailQuest. Odd that these alligators in particular do not count toward your quest. What server are you on and what is your character name?

Yggdrasil, Rosee Enchantee
Both alligator quests in the screenshot were from the Cutlass Keys town board, and the location pictured is also in Cutlass Keys.
I later went to Rothoard Hollow and the pirate pet alligators were marked as quest targets and advanced the counters just fine.

Prior to the introduction of pet alligators in pirate lairs, overland Alligators like this one with the special nameplate were the ones required to advance quests.

I’m having the exact same problem. It has been reported before but still not fixed.

Welcome to the community, Taner. I’m sorry to see you’re both having this issue. I’ve sent it to the development team to get looked into.

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