Some blunderbuss opr clips in pluto!


Glad to see you’re having as much with the blunderbuss as I have been! :slight_smile:

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Impressed by no ice gauntlet back bar.

For me the burst is impressive, but I can’t get the hang of surviving.

I wish my game ran that smoothe… RTX 3070 too.

Gotta get used to dodging and pick up all the fortify perks on the blunderbuss tree. I also have 2 shirking fortification pieces as well. I never run entomb with ig or riposte with rapier

Definitely having a blast!

Hmm with Rapier. Are you INT specced? Or STR and the Rapier is only for the skills?

100 str 250 int 110 con. Blunderbuss helps with the lack of con and makes you a bit beefy with all the fortify perks in the tree

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Im using a 1070 with everything on low and a lower resolution. I do get random moments of my pc over heating usually when i load into opr or teleport i think my cpu fan doesnt kick in fast enough sometimes

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