Some boss do weird things now

I die in things i have never before.
I belive something is broken again.

Siren Arena little lightning ball…
Genesis Protector boss skull weave…
Isabella last meet little storm…

These things do much more damage now…

i also saw some boss start his next move before the last was finished…

Can you confirm or deny? Its my connection or?

Thats good then game should become harder, those arenas are too easy …

Harder is ok, but they are bugging out.
We wiped at Isabella in TH AFTER she was dead. No exploits used.
Had to do the whole boss fight again.
And to add insult to injury only green stuff and potions dropped the whole dungeon.

@AGS: can you make an apparel shop? Or sell on Amazon?
I want a T-Shirt with: “I killed Isabella and all I got is a common regeneration potion”

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i agree in 1 point because it happaned to me
in isabellas pillar phase those stones that fall down , around the pillar are dropping down way faster and there are a lot more now… and it feels like they are always targetiing player…
before i could destroy the pillar with only 2 or 3 interuptions…
last time i tried tempest i could hold the pillar like 2-3 sec… then got interrupted…
also those stones hit way more now
i had 11k hp 1 stone took % 90 of my hp…
though im not complaining about it…

its more fun now you have to watch out more stuff and play it like you mean it…
some random stuff is always welcome… as long as we have enough time to react to it

Yesterday a normal genesis m10 minion one shoted me. Never happened before, not even close. It was super weird

@Kispilka I understand how frustrating it can be to die to something you believe is unfair or due to a bug. Could you further elaborate on your experiences and how you think these bosses are behaving improperly?

Additionally, for any bugs/exploits you may be experiencing please report this on the official forums here: [Megathread] New World Update 1.4.2 Bug Reporting Make sure to check if anyone has also experienced the same issue and may have found a possible solution!

A video would be much more usefull than an explanation i made.
Lazarus, Cilla.
In phase 2 it does an aoe. It spawn on players and become a growning blue circle. When it reach the the edge of the circle, it explode and kill any players who stand within. After that, Cilla makes some move or attack. The problem is, Cilla dosent wait for the exploison sometimes. She charge to the players when those circles is just growing, and that can be easily a wipe. As far as i remember Cilla didnt make this before.
It is also true for Tempest, Neishatu. The flame circles should dissapear before Neishatu come from the underground and attack players. Once 5 flame circles were still on the platform when it already attacked us and spawned another 2 flame circles. That was 7 circles in the same time on the platform + Neishatu. They exploded separately, first 5 after 2 so its not mean wipe for sure.
Tempest, Isabella (last meet). She has a lot of nice moves and skill. She use a little corrupted maelstrom around herself and a different one when a monolith appear in the middle what players can close later. So i talk about the little one this time. It is the same problem just like before. So she does the maelstrom and when its end she use a different skill or attack normaly. But sometimes now she attack faster then the maelstrom ends. Thats mean you have to survive 2 things in the same time again just like before. So the core problem is with timing in my opinion. The bosses movements and moveset speed dosent adjusted with other spells, mostly the chanelled spells with ground effect.
I hope it helps, i did my best :smiley:

Another possible problem maybe it is timing again.
Some ground aoe spells do damage 2 times within a second now.

Arena, Siren Queen.
She summon sometimes a little lightning ball. It persist on the map for about 20 second and deal damage around itself. Sometimes deal damage twice as fast than before.

Genesis, Greenskepeer.
It does a spell sometimes, its like a little cunami with skull in it. This spell also do damage twice sometimes.


@Kispilka Thank you for your detailed descriptions of some issues you are encountering with the boss fights. I will share your experiences with the team. Thanks again!

Oh snap! I want one too!

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