Some changes for Hatchet would be nice. (imho)

Hatchet needs a major overhaul imho. Most of the skills are useless and I think a lot of people just use it for Defy Death and Berserk. The problem besides of course throwing it is garbage (too slow, too much drop, weak skills) is that the only two attack skills are both pretty bad, Feral Rush has good damage but the root seems to be a roll of the dice to see if the game considers it a hit in the back or not. Raging Torrent is just another light attack chain except it does less damage and you can’t dodge while doing it so its just always worse to do than just normal attacks.

So, please replace either the throwing tree with melee abilities or at least replace Raging Torrent with an actual skill, preferably something with slow on it. If you add a new melee tree, consider replacing Defy Death with something less annoying to other players.

Lastly, the hitbox is so small that it is extremely difficult to get hits to register at all when there is any lag (so basically anytime more than 2 people are in the same area).

All just my humble opinion, i just would like to see this weapon as more than just a Defy Death totem.

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Hatchet is useless and great at the same time.

In PvP most people will only ever use it for Defy Death. You won’t land a single, jumping attack or raging torrent, unless you’re fighting somebody whos AFK. Unless somebody CCs them for you, or you jump into the back of mobbed enemies in a gravity well in those scenarios you are able to dish out really nice damage and then run away most likely without dieing.

But yeah, in general not a lot of use. Attack range is tiny, super easily dodged jumping attack, and the Raging torrent fast light attacks ability is literally out DPSd by other melees just spamming left click.

Somewhat agree, if we’re talking primarily about PvP.

n PvE there are disadvantages certainly. Overall it does seem to work.

Admittedly, once you begin the leap attack you’re stuck in the direction you’re facing.

Yet I’m not sure that is something which makes sense to change. It’s annoying as crap, but it does make a certain amount of sense.

There are similar experiences with GA and WH that once in motion you’re not going to stop or move easily. Movement and directional speed with WH can make it feel unwieldy. GA seems a bit more forgiving in this respect.

Throwing was never something that seemed to work well just from watching it in play.

A complete overhaul might be a bit more drastic than what hatchet needs. There are definitely some things that should be looked at again.

hatchet is mostly about basic attacks, the skills aren’t that grand.

I think throwing would be fine if it they didnt do less damage.

berserk is a must, so it really only has 2 skill slots.

this and most other melee need to solve the most players can walk away from your attacks problem some how.

You have listed some of the weaknesses for hatchet in pvp but omg the strengths are so incredible powerful that this weapon absolutely can’t get any buffs what so ever in pvp.

We are talking about a weapon that makes you immune to grit and freaking death while you run faster and have gap a closer and can attack from range and have a ranged healing debuff or damage debuff.

The throw tree is lacking in both pvp and PvE but I can’t think of anyway to buff that tree without just making the weapon brokenly op,

Anyway feel free to discuss changes. I’m not against interesting discussions. I just want to point out that yes this weapon have weaknesses but all weapon need weaknesses especially when it’s strengths are so extremely powerful.

Lol the Hatchet can’t get buffs for pvp? Literally no one uses this weapon on competitive servers in wars.

Players cried about it so much as a LMB spam pve wep in the open and closed beta that AGS reacted overly to that feedback and nerfed its only strengths it had into being a dog crap mediocre pve weapon with little to no pvp potential outside of 1v1 surviving.

Throwing tree is worthless other than to pull mobs for pve.

Players have commented above that the Hatchet hitbox for some reason causes the weapon to not register damage more than any weapon I’ve used in the game. It isn’t fast enough to catch light armor or ranged users. Has the worst range of any melee weapon, lacks the attack tracking of sword, gaxe, void gauntlet.

I dodge backwards one time and I’ve countered hatchets kit while it’s stuck in attack animations and I can slap it with a attack of my own with a 2h weapon attack or ability that has longer reach.

They should rewind the nerfs it received in the Beta so berzerk lasts longer, has more move speed, and more healing regeneration (especially with the nee anti-healing percs arriving).

Honestly I think it is the worst melee weapon in the game for pvp atm as it has zero control for group fights. And this is actually accurate because it is the least represented by player use on Valhalla server in wars. You see some spears, some Rapier, some swords. Seeing a Hatchet is like seeing a unicorn in wars.

Took me a month to convince my company leads that Hatchet was garbage. Even after buffs to infected throw its still out of the meta.

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