Some concern about PvP damage

I feel like PvP damage has been getting crazy. It keeps going up but player health stays the same. It may not be completely out of hand already but I’m concerned it’s quickly heading that way.

  • Early on, medium and light armor got a whole 10% and 20% damage buff respectively.

  • GS was upped to 625

  • Perks we’re buffed

  • Now runeglass is coming adding even more damage potential

Already there are plenty of builds that can combo off and kill you before you can even fight back. Fights like these are not fun. This is why the leaping strike>shield bash combo was nerfed.

I won’t suggest solutions right now but I did want to voice my concern.


As a tank player, I have recently been having similar concerns, as a tank my damage is usually poor, but I make up for that by staying alive and providing constant cc. With the way the game is currently going, Tanks will no longer be useful or viable in any pvp scenarios in the game.

I started out playing tanky and quickly felt that it was unviable. Light was nearly untouchable and when I did connect it wasn’t enough before they could DPS through my armor and HP or they ran away and were completely uncatchable. Quickly heavy became only barely viable with vary specific builds while light was go to for everything. 20% more damage… 60% more healing, ∞ more mobility. I might be a little sore about it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

its almost like New World has the concept of Rock paper scissors backwards, the close range guys in slow heavy armor should have the higher dmg, where as they could never catch the smaller light armor guys with lower dmg, but at the same time the light small dmg guys couldn’t kill the big heavy armor guys unless either side makes a big mistake. Currently there is just no point to wearing heavy armor.

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For real man… People were complaining about heavy meanwhile light hits harder, moves faster, and heals better. What else is there?? LOL

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