Some devs here are taking a piss

Genesis mutation
Exploding mobs
Mobs with hammers totally ignore defence

Once you get hit with fire and have weary active ,no dodging ,no getting away
kill little mobs,weary active …insta death on explosion …tanks included

If you want to piss off your community and push them towards the door …keep going in same direction


I mean it’s just a new challenge which is really what these are about. Breezing through M10 to sell shards may die this week, but that’s clearly not what is important to most people. Now not having Depths on release, that’s a big issue.

Maybe its just you and a vocal minority that are pissed?

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Try it ,post vid of you and group of experts getting gold today …waiting

It’s not just him and it’s neither minority neither vocal. You clearly do not even understand what people complain for or leave the game for good. Majority of people who had enough of X thing not even going to bother to come in here and speak up.

It’s not good to reinvent mut10 difficulties and make it extremely hard even for experienced premade groups… what’s left for public assembled m10 party? They are fked. I am telling you this because I know a group that does offer 6k shards to people like me and even tho they have been around for months and are extremely experienced it still takes them crazy amount of time to even figure out how to do m10 with all these things occurring.

It’s not about challenge - it’s about convenience. It’s extremely inconvenient for an average player to even try to do m10 at these conditions. And then you wonder why people buy shards… 1 reason - farming 10k coins is easier than sinking dozens of hours banging your head against the wall figuring it out how to do this sht. Because that’s all it is, if it wasn’t for umbral shards I wouldn’t even go into mutated dungeon myself - because I am done with finding the same BoP dungeon-specific item for the 194th time in the past few months. Might as well just do normal gen/laz/mut - lower chance for something good but speedrunning those? Why not :smiley:

Ultimately if it was for the people who sell umbral shards at m10’s… if that’s an issue might as well redistribute those shards along the way for each stage/boss and not keep it 6k shards after the final boss dies. In that case shard buying/selling wouldn’t even be a thing since if you wanna sell 6k shards you would have to carry them from start to the end of the dungeon - which in most cases isn’t possible.

So the guy is right. The challenge is for the minority. The majority of the players do not have thousands of hours to think about the dungeons as a challenge. It’s just content they do and it’s good to not be the type of content that just piss you off and all you end up doing for an hour is banging your head against the wall figuretively speaking.
Note: now after all players will get some extra umbral from their elite chest runs - wouldn’t be much but it’s something… Shard boosting will get cheaper or just slowly dies out.


good finally we can decrease shardc seller that spam way too often like an actual bot ol

This statement made me laugh out loud.

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Well me as a buyer of those shards I am mostly happy they are around. I wouldn’t want to spend countless hours having to find a proper 4 teammates since my guild is mostly inactive and we don’t even do mutations. And after that test we can do it or not for weeks and for what? I do not have that much free time myself to find another 4 people who have that much free time themselves and then we all together to sink days/weeks of time failing and faiiing all over the place until we finally manage to do it and get 6k shards. Yeah you might say I do not care about that achievement myself but yes you are right - I do not. Achievements are for kids, not for someone that logged in after work to chill for some time in some mmo game.

So yes - I like buying shards and honestly, I would prefer them boosters to be even more out there so the price drop a little so I can upgrade even my harvester gear to 625 :smiley:

What’s funny about it? Majority of the gamers need convenience of their time spent in a game. The only people who seek for difficult challenges in mmo games are either: Content creators ( diff challenge = thumbs up for good content once you record it live that you MADE IT ), Hardcore gamers that normally have abundance of free time that challenges are a good way for them to justify their 11th hour today online, … What else? Not much else.
And if you combine those 2 groups together you wouldn’t even get to the 15% player-base mark. If you think that hardcore gamers are actually that many you are mistaken :smiley:
More and more gamers with time drift away from mmo games and such mostly because the branch has started to treat all MMOrpg games like some sort of multi-million dollar printing machine that drives game designs to be fked up in terms of gameplay but as long as it makes cash is good.
There is a reason why moba type of games are the most successful ones - mostly because it’s profitable to make the game feel good to play not throw at it fancy graphics to burn your GPU within a month and have 15fps in every teamfight while forcing your MMOrpg player base to use all sort of 3rd party apps to be even possible to play the game just so they generate millions of unique visits daily on their websites full of commercial ads on top of what the game/content costs ( external database websites, 3rd party api’s, calculators, etc. example that we find in all MMO’s if you think about it - starting off from WoW, FFXIV, NW and pretty much most others. )

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I mean, M10 is all about the challenge and finding new ways to replay the same dungeon at greater difficulties/different playstyles :confused:


Some people really don’t want to have to work for anything. The reason why WoW died is because they handfed all the casuals that cried. Work your way up the mutation ladder like everyone else. Spend 3+ hours trying in mutated dynasty when it first released dying over and over on an M1 like the rest of us. Challenge is necessary for mutators.

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I felt this in my soul. Man we failed so hard the first try. We never went back to Dyna after that one time.

hah… Have you looked at the same forums you’re posting in, fool?

Good a new challenge. M10s were too easy already.

It’s definitely been tuned down since then. You should try Dynasty again

Sometimes it feels like we are in a toilet bowl being flushed.

bye bye shard sellers this week hahah their are so annoying chat spammers

Well given the fact reward in m10 is 3 times greater than m8 - It does not seems like a “all about challenge thing”

No one wants things to be overly difficult to the point where it’s near impossible, but it’s about striking the perfect balance. There’s a point where things become too hard where they are no longer fun, and there’s a point where the extra challenge is provided so that players feel a sense of reward for accomplishing gold. They stated in the notes that there are now 20+ new combinations of mutations. Honestly, I’d like to see even more.

Combinations is fine… unavoidable death of your character every few minutes it’s not. I get the point of challenge but… it’s the same as trying to challenge yourself that you will one day catch up the light armor dodge spam user with a heavy armor… Unless you DDOS him, It ain’t happening

Mutation properties needs to be properly categorized as minor, medium, severe difficulty and only 1 of each category can occur at the same time. I don’t have the data of knowing how exactly it’s determining what mods to spawn but given the posted statement of one of the staff that with the new X amount of mutation properties added the total amount of combinations raised with 27 … It only convince me that they are just all stacked in one bucket and the tv show guest is drawing 3 leaves off of the giant bowl randomly and … Here we are!