Some dont come for a good argument

Knight.GB doesnt like a dispute. For all tense and purposes, he likes to simplify his thoughts down to a binary level. Can we have an available contradictory option in the post type drop menu? Its so people like him could have a safe place where they aren’t challenged or riticuled for simply voicing their thoughts to the fullest capacity to which they can express themselves.

Just block :no_entry_sign:

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It’s intents and purposes.


You’re quite an asshole.

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Thank God you didn’t say your. I’d have become twice the arsehole.

Many people are arseholes,based on what your perception of an arsehole is, so it becomes pretty trivial and banal on a forum with randoms.

Holy wow, did you not put a space between that comma and “based”?

BAK toO SChoOL wItH U.

Lol try reading it. Let me know how you go.

Actually that is pretty funny. I could blame my phone, which would. Be a logical explaination. But I’m just going to own my mistakes for yuck yucks. I cat spel gud.

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LOL… respect for owning it. Apparently “intensive purposes” is another common misspelling of the phrase:

Dont forget i after e except after 15,000 other exceptions.

In light of the nature of the conversation im supprised that there hasnt been another cheeky bugger who joins in and starts a right/wrong, yes/no, ya-huh/nu- uh loop

Intensive Porpoises


Seethe harder LUL. Panies in a bunch because the guy just said “No.” Unserious.



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