Some feedback after 800 hours played

Greetings. I’ve played the game for a while already, so I figured I’d offer some feedback. I do realize some of this has been said before, but please, bear with me.

Also, let me openly clarify that I don’t think the game only deserves negative feedback, if it had no potential, I wouldn’t have stayed with it for 800 hours in the first place. Point at me and laugh, but I still do think this could turn into a proper banger, but I do believe some things are worthy of being addressed.

I’m going to list things how they came to mind, the order does not signify importance.

1. Trophy management

Managing trophies is obnoxious for no reason at all. A player CAN have all trophies and swap them, there is therefore no point in making them do an annoying loop around all the houses every time they decide to do a different activity.

In my opinion, house trophy limit should either be increased to something more lenient (10 trophies, for example), or we should be allowed to swap them over distance.

2. Outpost rush issues

On our server, we don’t get outpost rush anymore. At all. People stopped queuing mostly because of glaring balancing issues between the teams, and the frankly quite unnecessary PvE elements, such as the interference from brutes.

The queue for queuable PvP modes should absolutely be cross-realm, and please, consider adding some PvP maps where there will be ONLY that. PvP. That’s why we queue for it, to have a fight against other players, not to get yanked about by two brutes for ten minutes straight.

3. Clarify how exactly luck works

The constant whirlpool of uncertainty, tinfoil, reequipping amulets because who knows if the luck actually works on it, reports of PvP luck having adverse effects and whatnot, is honestly quite annoying. Make a clear statement on that, stop being mysterious, because the only result you’re getting out of that is the players starting to think that you don’t exactly know how it works either.

4. Trading Post interface

Needs improvements and badly. First off, split “completed” and “expired/cancelled” into two tabs, having them both in one confusing list is a horrible, horrible idea. Then allow us to list sold items by time sold, so that we can check what actually sold when we were offline. Right now you kinda have to guess.

Second off, there absolutely needs to be a fulltext search option when choosing perk filters, and especially when listing items. If I want to sell, for example, some silkweave, I want to go to the sell tab, type in “silk”, choose silkweave, and list it. Not scroll through a toilet paper of seven hundred other things before I finally get to whatever I want to sell.

5. Gear preset manager

This one is so glaringly obvious I am frankly quite surprised it’s not in the game yet. The game expects you to carry around multiple of gear sets, and swapping them around is incredibly annoying. It gets mixed around, you can’t search for a perk, only item name, which doesn’t help, and it just gets on one’s nerves very, very quickly.

There needs to be a gear preset manager that allows you to swap gear setups with one click.

6. Crafting issues

The items obtainable from crafting need to be buffed, because as it stands, crafting is honestly quite pointless.

To illustrate: With our server prices (300g per asmodeum), after a quick and rough calculation, with a maxed out crafting skill and at a maxed out roll of 595-600, it would take over a million gold on statistical average to get something at least remotely close to as good as lazarus drops. This is not viable.

Not to mention the fact that there are items with perks impossible to get via crafting. Why would a tank ever want me to craft them a sword, if I can’t possibly get “sturdy” on it, and named swords with sturdy exist as drops? This makes no sense.

Let us pick two perks / Improve the gearscore roll odds / add specific perks that can ONLY be obtained on crafted items. The options to salvage the situation are definitely there.

7. Cap on crafting skills

I realize many might disagree with this, but I am really not a fan of everyone being able to do everything. Who will buy and sell stuff when everyone is self-sufficient?

Given that you’ve already allowed people to reach 200 in everything, I would like to suggest that once that cap is increased, which I imagine it eventually will, let people choose two, at most three crafting skills that they will be allowed to push higher. I feel this is needed to keep the trade actually moving and, well… happening at all. Let specialization be a thing.

8. Town and invasion scaling

It’s fairly quite infuriating that frequency of invasions and cost to recuperate from their impact does not in any way reflect the server’s population.

This needs to scale. Low population servers have to have cheaper town upkeep and cheaper upgrade cost. Fewer people generate lower town income and fewer town board project points, and on our low population server we have been waiting for a kitchen to be upgraded for almost a week.

Additionally, I find it advisable that town board rewards should scale with player level, particularly once they hit 60. Nobody does town board once they hit 60 anymore, which loosely translates as nobody does town board, full stop. Town board needs to be somehow attractive even to max level players, be it with token rewards, higher gold rewards, anything.

9. Orichalcum chest recipe

Don’t get me wrong, I will not try to complain about an item being rare. On the contrary, I enjoy that very much, the hunt for the elusive treasure is what I personally enjoy about MMOs quite a lot.

The chance itself is fine as it is. 0.0004% was it? Quite brutal, but that’s fine. It should take a while.

Thing is, if you pair it with the fact that it only drops from elite chests, of which you get very limited amount per day, it turns out that the average time of dropping one is somewhere around 30 years. This is a bit too much, wouldn’t you think.

Please, keep the chance as it is, but consider adding the orichalcum chest recipe to regular big chests, just as with the starmetal one. So it’s at least “farmable”.

10. Ammunition weight

Please, reduce it significantly. It makes no sense that ranged specs have to carry around half a ton of extra weight.

11. Crowd control

There is too much cc in New World. Losing control of own character is the most un-fun, annoying thing to experience in a game, and basically every other game has realized that already. Please, introduce diminishing returns on consecutive crowd control effects.

12. Stat breakpoint bonuses

Please, consider revisiting the stat bonuses, particularly for 300 dexterity and 300 intelligence. The strength one of basically permanent grit is so shockingly better than everything else that people often feel like they’re basically griefing themselves by not playing strength. Some balancing would certainly be welcome there.

There you go. Apologies for a lengthy post, do let me know what you think =).


if u put this much effort in ur college apps you wouldnt be playing new world rn

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I review games for a living and am quite content with that being my job, but thanks for the input =P.


im verry sorry to hear that

That’s interesting. Where did you get that 0.0004% chance number? I’d love to read that.

And it’s not quite 30 years but close. 0.0004% would be 1 in 2500 chance. If you visit one elite chest every single day, it would take 6.85 years.

That’s insane. If that’s real, of course.

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Pretty much what i think hehehe

Oh, I am basing that on the current understanding of the data. It would seem you need to pass a series of rolls to land on the recipe - furniture bucket with 10% chance, then, within that, elite furniture bucket with 0.05% chance, and then within that, the actual recipe with 9% chance.

Unless I am mistaken, the probability of those three happening in succession should be the aforementioned 0.0004%.

Also, I think a decimal or two ran away from you there, because that’s one in 250 000 chance, not one in 2500. I was counting with roughly 20 elite chests opened per day, which means 12500 days, or 34.25 years. It’s of course a rough calculation.

Ahh ok, you’re just estimating, they didn’t post it. Cool, I was just wondering. I think it’s still too low of a chance. Even if you visit 10 elite chests a day, every day, it will take over half a year to get a recipe.

Other professions don’t have these issues.

I’m right on the decimal. Multiply 0.0004 by 2500 and you get 1.

In other words 1 divided by 2500 is 0.0004.

And 2500 divided by 365 is ~6.85. That would be one chest a day. If you opened 10 chests a day, it would take 8.2 months.

Oh, yes, you get 1, but 1 in this case stands for 1%, which is still one in a hundred, and that’s the two decimals we’re differing by =)).

1% - one in a hundred
0.1% - one in thousand
0.01% - one in ten thousand
0.001% - one in hundred thousand
0.0001% - one in a million.

Either way, I think we can agree on it being maybe a bit -too- rare =).

OMG you’re absolutely right. lol

Lemme re-calculate:

So it’s not 6.85 years but 685 years. If it’s 0.0004 chance. If you open one chest a day.

That’s crazy, and you’re right on your calculation. I was wrong.

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No worries, confusion happens =).

If they however added it to regular chests, much like starmetal chest schematic:

It’s quite doable to open about 300 regular big chests in a day, I’ve been doing that myself during the trophy mat grind. That would bring the average time to get the item down to two years.

Like, I personally don’t mind something being -extremely- rare, it’s a nice goal to work towards, but I’d kinda prefer an item to be obtainable within a lifetime, heh =).

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Great post, but sadly I think it will get drowned in the forums or simply get ignored like all the rest intelligent posts in the New World forums.

That’s why you have @ one of the moderators/developers. Maybe they check, maybe they don’t. Worth a try though.

I agree with everything.

I fully agree with the post, especially point 7.

It is extremely short-sighted to think that leveling a max craft for everyone is a good option. The AGS think that constantly making it difficult to get 200lvl in craft changes the situation, and it is not.
For several days I can’t sell potions or food because the market is full of them. And the prices of 5trier materials are going down. This is because people don’t need other people to produce something.

In fact, the only solution at the moment is to limit your craft/harvesting for 2 at 200+lvl materials in the future (if this game survives).
I hope the AGS will see what a big mistake they made in this regard.

How do you get to this point? seems like a dream job, i agree.

Oh, for me, it was nothing dramatic or adventurous, really. It’s been my dream job ever since my early teens when I played my first games on the trusty 486DX33 =)). So then when some nine years ago I saw my favourite gaming magazine looking for writers, I wrote and sent them a sample review. They liked it and it worked out =).

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Well, it would seem that in the december update, point #6 might get addressed at least a little. I am quite excited about that =).

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