Some general feedbacks after two weeks play the game

116 hours into the game, level 44, not as much as some but pretty sure above average, and here what i think need to change.

  1. Stagger

Either add them back for players or remove it entirely from the normal mobs too. Keep it for the boss or the special one (with gold frame around health bar), but remove it from the rest. It not fun get interrupted out of combo constantly by regular enemies, all the while they can argo other to fight you and have their special grit attacks already.

If you guys don’t want to add it back or remove it, give us some more grit attacks - all combo from active skills with follow up and heavy attacks at least.

  1. Housing tax

Well, this had been several threads already, but no dev response afaik, so here we are again. Please consider lower the tax - 5% base tax without modify every five days circle (and tbh why 5 days?), but better if 5% per week. This is a game, even if it not suppose to give us everything too easy, but the current 20% per 5 days is over the top.

  1. Dungeon’s queue

Yes, please add this asap. Just two weeks old, and dungeon at lower level seem pretty deserted. I’m lucky enough to had already finish the 25 one (3 times, pretty fun), but the 35 and 45 one now pretty hard to find someone running with. Give us a queue, we register for the dungeon/role we want and go to play normal till it find enough peoples and pop an confirm to join or not. Yeah it still flawed if someone register as healer/tank but they are not or not geared enough, but it still better than nothing. And while we are at it…

  1. PvP

Yes, make a PvP’s queue too. I mean, an queue 50v50 like war without faction’s restriction would be cool. Or lesser number with alternative modes - 10 players free for all in the wood/village, 10v10 objectives capture… Something like that, don’t have to change influent on the map or something, and give some reward (some faction’s token, a bit of gold, a piece of gear…), don’t have durability loss. Everyone win.

  1. Some other minor bug/request
  • Not sure it only me or not, but currently the faction’s store at the chronicler level selling the ranger hat (dex/cons) at wrong level - 520 gear score at level 60, while other only 420 and at level 35/40.

  • Musket’s indicator - remove the outline, only left the arrow up indicator. It really hard to aim headshot with current one.

  • Bow’s charging heavy - make it only glow after fully charged instead start glow as soon as you charging.

Well, that all for now. Thanks for reading this!

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