Some important Dungeon Finder suggestions

I’m not sure if I am doing it properly… but as it stands, I am opening the map, clicking on an Expedition, clicking ‘View Expedition’, and forming it there.

This is not obvious at all, and dungeon icons are often hidden behind other icons on the map (yes I know we can hide some of the icons, but not everyone knows that). Also what if you haven’t found a dungeon, how will you click on it? The whole fundamental value of a ‘dungeon finder’ tool is to make it intuitively easier for people to form groups, and more well known to new players that instanced content is possible and worth doing.

There needs to be:

  • A splash screen on game open noting that there is now a dungeon finding tool. (Not everyone is reading the steam news posts.)
  • A dedicated piece of the UI for the feature. I expected it to be in the ‘MODES’ tab, tbh.
    *** You could add the UI addition to the World Map, or like ‘MODES’ just add a whole new tab called ‘EXPEDITIONS’ that lists the dungeons so people can easily know what dungeons exist, and can see them at a glance. From here they could select any one of them, and get the splash page as if they clicked ‘View Expedition’ from the map.

The current features of the tool are great, it seems. Have yet to form a group, since I don’t think many know it exists, and if they do, they may not know how to use it.

I’ve seen a few people ask in chat where to find it, etc.

Right now people should be logging in, seeing the splash screen and becoming excited! The splash screen would say ‘check the new EXPEDITIONS tab!’ and show a little picture highlighting it on the UI.

As it stands, a person has to know of the feature, and set up a lobby with it. Then they must proceed to advertise their group in chat if its not a 60 dungeon. This is followed by needing to instruct most people how to find the lobby and join it. It’s not ideal, and demotes the feature.

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The info in this post ^ is very valuable as well. I’m speaking in my OP as a new pre 60 player (which I think the levelling experience is equally valuable too). That linked info 100% needs to be considered.

Thanks for sharing that!

As it stands, the current iteration of this feature is very clunky, lackluster, and not intuitive. Leaves a lot to be desired.

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