Some issues game/support

Ive encountered that i cant make a ticket on amazongaming website!
i can only make a ticket regarding prime gaming wich does not help me…

I got a few problems ingame,

  1. My harvestergear is still the wrong tier even after i read the new desciption on the forum! i had a T5 set and now i got a T4 set as reward this makes 0 sense to me
  2. I got a house in ebonscale wich i cant use properly for some reason i can Teleport to it and pay its taxes but i can put furniture in it to get more storage this really bugs me because thats basicly gold wasted
  3. Can somebody explain how the luck works because some are making assumptions that its bugged on an amulet and well i run full luck (with 2/3 trophies since i cant use 3rd) all max tier and i seem to get 0 to none legendary mats i only gotten 1 void ore on 70k ori ore so id like to know if im doing something wrong

Character name: Xyvella
Region/Server: Central-EU / Xarayes

Hey there

Sorry to hear you received the wrong tier of harvesting gear and can’t place furniture in your house, In this case we’ll need some logs to escalate these issues.

First, we need the DXDiag logs, here are the instructions to get them:

  1. Press Windows+R, type “dxdiag” and press enter.
  2. In the tool, select Save All Information to get a .txt file with the logs.

Then, to obtain the in-game logs follow these steps:

  1. Press Windows+R, type %appdata% and press enter.
  2. Open this folder: /AppData/local/AGS/LogBackups. to get the last 3 log files.
  3. You can rename the files and change the extention to .txt to make it easier to open them and copy the contents, or right click the files and select “Open With”, then choose a text editor.

Copy the contents of the DXDiag and game logs and paste them in a pastebin, you can send it to me via PM, that way I’ll be able to escalate this to the team!

Regarding your question about how luck works, you can take a look at the [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2 post for a deeper insight on how this stat works.

Thank you for helping us investigate these issues!

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