Some Item Bugs in Brimstone Patch

Gonna be referencing patch notes and actual behavior.

Increased the Gear Score of the item “Captain’s Command Longsword” to its intended 350 Gear Score.

Doesn’t drop, not linked anywhere.

Increased the Gear Score of the item “Swordbound Balikor Longsword” to its intended 350 Gear Score.

Doesn’t drop, Malikor loot tag not present on anything, the vital seems to have Ghost_Shipwrecked instead. Also 370 GS. Also Typo in patch notes (Balikor instead of Malikor)

Fixed an issue that caused the Chain of Zane named amulet to not salvage in Expedition Materia. It can now also be crafted at an Outfitting Station with Lazarus Materia.

Seems that only the deprecated variant salvages into materia, which has been replaced by the v2 variant.

Please note: While the majority of Named items have been impacted, there have been exceptions and categories across the board that were not updated. This is intended. Due to the sheer number of items, a full list is beyond the scope of these patch notes.

Seems that some were missed in the migration, and I can only assume they weren’t meant to stay the same as before. One example would be the Corrupted Rage Set, which has a v2 with 590 GS, but it’s still the deprecated variant that drops, as 500-600 GS. It would be nice if we could some basic list of the exceptions to this change, so we could create a list of all the ones that are actually bugged/wrong.

Two other example would be the Vambrace of Corrupted Rage and The Mark (the amulet, not the blunderbuss), which drop in the deprecated variants instead of the new ones. They were part of the patch notes as being added as new drop to Elite POIs, which makes me assume they were meant to actually be the 590 variant.

There’s also some v2 items that drop as 500-600, which is, in my opinion, a big issue since those also have the Named Item Class, which would make them shine when hovered over in-game. The Named shine/glow is what people got used to representing that the item will unlock the 5th perk slot upon being upgraded to 590 GS, which is not the case for the items in the screenshot below:

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