Some large and small ideas

There are a couple glaring issues in the overall game that I believe could extend the life of the game and drag it back from the dead.

  1. Early introduction to expeditions, why are we waiting til 20-25 to get our feet wet in a dungeon? We definitely need a level 15-20 dungeon for new players or alts.

  2. Mouse over macro’s or at least their functionality, especially in healing. Being able to hover over a characters portrait to select them as a heal target would be fantastic and would create so much less chaos during healing.

  3. Logging needs an experience tuning pass, logging is taking far too long to level compared to say mining and skinning, for the amount of time it takes to cut a tree down you’d imagine it would give far more experience. Unlike mining, logging only has 1 set of resources you can follow to level, whereas mining gains experience from nearly 15 different resources, you get what 4 for logging? And yes they are plentiful however the time invested doesn’t seem to match the experience granted. Maybe throw fishing into this mix as well for retuning.

  4. Small scale organized PVP, OPR is a good format, when it’s up. What we could really use is Arena team modes, 2v2 3v3 5v5 in city or town stylized arenas that are instanced. This is End Game PVP, or at least a part of it.

  5. 7-10 man raids, with tank swap mechanics, “I’m probably stupid AOE” puddles to die in, environmental puzzles to progress through the area that change weekly, (add expedition mutations and partially rotating loot tables based on the mutation)

  6. Bracketed OPR (20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59) PVP doesn’t need to be an endgame activity, you gave us Warsong Gulch and ONLY WSG but only if we’ve already completed the majority of the game, otherwise we get to farm each other in WPvP like we’re stuck in Southshore.

Feel free to disagree, I’m sure most people will, but these things are what I think this game, who honestly has beautiful bones, needs to get back up on the high horse. Some of it may be simple, the code for bracketed OPR obviously already exists, since you’re kept out of it until 50. Also, OPR should definitely be World Group based instead of server. This way all level brackets have a decent chance of doing organized PVP

The goal in my mind is to make a both successful PVP and PVE game that can compete with the best of the best. There are things New World does extremely well, there are things that need improvement. Obviously we would all like to see a resolution to the bugs and such, and I hope we can trust that those will be resolved expediently, in the meantime I think we should do our best to make fresh ideas heard on content we’d like to see added to the game.

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