Some more QoL Improvements

I recently came back from a long nw break & i really enjoy & see all the improvements but i see a lot more potential for some casual QoL meachanics.

  1. Housing
    a. As a casual player who likes to have nice homes with lots of decoration etc & being a kind of mats hoarder i need a 4. House. The houses in BS are really nice but i also need my other houses with increasing the map we should be able to purchase another house with the benefit of traveling & storage. I dont really care about the trophies but i might think they would be a nice add on.
    b. Pls fix the point system of the showcase of a house. I really dont understand the mechanic of this system.
  2. Leveling weapons
    a. Either reduce the amount of xp needed for lvling a weapon or give us a weapon xp weekend /week whatever. With the pirates gone its a whole mess to get your weapons up.
    Thats all for now ^^

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