Some new PVP perks seem under tuned, here's my take

Here is a list of perks added in the pvp track update that seem to not fit well into the game. They mostly feel like bloat.

image - This perk seems to want to incentivize players to go for the backstab mechanic, but provides such a small reward of 10% armor pen. If a player outmaneuvers another to get behind them, the reward needs to be more than 10%, because most players in the OPR, WAR, PVP community use light armor and armor pen is useless in those situations.

image - Again, weapon perks that already exist in the game are so powerful, having this on a weapon just really seems like you are wasting potential. A 15% slow for 4 seconds while they are already exhausted doesn’t mean much in terms of kill potential.

image - Straight up dead perk. With how chaotic combat can be, and how chaotic server performance can be during war, hitting headshots is few and far between EVEN FOR THE BEST PVPERS IN THE GAME. This 7% armor pen reward is worthless to any marksman who is focusing mainly on lightly armored targets who don’t use ARMOR as their main source of survival. Dex range (which is who I am assuming this perk is made for) are primarily tasked with taking out other light to medium targets, who traditionally don’t have a lot of armor. Seems like an extremely dead perk.

image - Sounds great but is useful in such limited scenarios it’s just going to be overlooked by better perks.

image - Siege ward, I’m sorry…what? Who would use this? Who would ACTUALLY want this on a piece of gear? I haven’t seen a cannon used in war since early last year and I’ve been in 3-5 wars a week on a high pop pvp server. Also look how low that % is, EXCUSE ME?

image - Under tuned perk that is only useful in niche scenarios. 8% to hasted targets seems extremely low.

I don’t want to make this list too long but the perk list is so bloated in New World and I am hoping the Devs realize this and plan to make a change.

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I seriously don’t like these perks, they’re all anti tank, which is silly, tanks don’t need to punished even further as it is, they’re already a dying breed in this game, like the chance of doing a slow on an exhausted light armor user seems very rare, as well as a medium bruiser, but popping a shield on a tank to make them exhausted? Yeah, that’ll do it.

I think the only one that isn’t anti tank is the Haste punishment, which yes, it needs to be further improved upon in order for players, mainly musket or long range spear throwers, to seal the deed when a player is getting out of a hairy situation, such as 15 or even 20% boost.

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Hi there letsgetmurrayed1, thank you for writing out this detailed pvp perk feedback. Dev team loves to see feedback like this so I will get it sent up the chain. Take care!

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