Some observations

This falls into relatively minor things. There are plenty of ‘If they don’t do this or the game is dead by Wednesday’ threads already. These are things that I think might need a look. Probably nothing that hasn’t been said, but it hasn’t been said by ME!

There isn’t a very large variety of creatures. Even if they change the skin, the behaviors are the same that you know that it’s a wolf that just looks different. I would add more creatures and definitely add more AI variety.

When I repair a broken item, I have to move it into my bag and then back into it’s slot for the repair to actually show.

The Fen. I think it looks really good. I get a sort of close in, claustrophibic feel…unless they were going for cheerful, in which case they did a terrible job.

I always wondered why so many 60s were sucking up so many resources near winsward…resources resources resources. When I went to higher tier areas, there are rarer resources, but they are very rare and I saw very little if any common resources. I would recommend keeping the rarer resources rare, but I would add some common resources in those higher areas. This way, the 60s aren’t choking out lower levels for common resources. Give the little guys a chance.

I would like to hear if anyone else has any non apocolyptic ideas which could improve things.