Some other changes that could be implemented in the PTR

I am very pleased with the changes made by AGS, it is certainly on a great way!

However, I would like to comment on some other changes that could be implemented in the PTR.

  1. Adaptive Rupture


Considering that with the taunt changes, the GS becomes a more viable weapon for tanks, it would make more sense for the mechanics of this passive to change. Defiant stance PULLS enemies and Onslaught stance PUSHES enemies.

  1. shield rush


Still focusing on the new taunt mechanics and MAINLY the nerf on the refreshing move, that the “shield rush” skill was compatible with carnelian.

  1. 250 CON


Now that CON has finally become a really relevant and impactful stat, how about we revisit another passive that is useless?

I particularly think this type of mechanics is bad, because it is VERY situational. But if you want to keep something in that style, we already have more interesting passives of this type, for example “Perfect Vigilance”.


That in addition to having a much smaller CD, it still gives a fortify buff for 3 seconds. Something like this (although I still find it weak) would be much more useful than the current passive.

Once again, thank you for the changes and for the courage AGS, you are on the right path.

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