Some People Just Dont Understand

This has become a huge thing since the BETA was released yesterday, people are assuming that the game has no current flaws and works perfectly… Some People Just Don’t Understand.

The game is in a Closed BETA stage, meaning that the game is nowhere near complete. Yes it might be frustrating attempting to login to the game just to see an error message but that’s what we have to deal with. Some people just need to be patient.

The BETA is going to last until the 2nd Of August which means at some point everyone would’ve been able to play it. So no need for people to SPAM complaints or hate messages.

Remind yourselves that this is Amazons first MMO too so give them a break.


Its super frustrating but I completely agree with your point. At least its happening today and not on actual launch day. Wouldn’t mind levelling past Level 12 though :disappointed_relieved:


Yeah absolutely agree with your statement, Its good that some of us give them the feedback that they need to make the game great!


Yeah for sure we would love to play the game.
I just want to lvl my rapier :rofl:


people should be happy that this is happening now in closed BETA and not on launch.

this is why there is this beta in first place…
can u imagine having all these bugs etc at launch???

instead of complaining, maybe show some love and than these devs for answering.

if u agree with them or not doesnt matter, they do reply and that is a luxury with most games…


Eh, no its a closed beta and 30 days before release…

Game was delayed multiple times now and is mad by one of the biggest companies with biggest wallets…

I have no understanding for such a bad start and unfair whitelisting


Exactly. The whole reason of a BETA is that its an unfinished game that needs testing.


negative feedback is what helps the most, not praises how good one or other part of the game is


negative feedback and complaining is a difrence


Oh i agree feedback is brilliant whether its good or bad, the point of feedback is to improve, what im saying is that they probably already know about the issues and are trying to fix it without everyone spamming “CaNt GeT InTo SeRvEr!!!” XD


If you think about it, if the game was released back when they first intended there would probably be more bugs and more issues if we compare it to the current BETA.

Lets just hope that the team can sort the issues out before launch haha.


oh yeah, so you do not understand, that ppl are excited and want to try this out, but there is nothing to do, look the forums are here just for that , to talk about the frustration they have, not how full of joy the experience is.


dont forget its there first MMo.

Blizzard has one for over 15y, and there launches are sometimes even worse than what we have seen so far on new world.


ppls doesent understand difference between alpha and beta test… alpha test it’s where the game will be developed and tested by devs and staff most of the time… beta testing is usually open to some restrict public to fix BUGS that was not reconized from devs and internal testing.

Those are not bugs… those are system problems and developing normal issue… i perfectly understand because ppls it’s mad… at nearly 1 month from launch this is not bug fixing… this is still writing down the game and it’s infrastructure… and it’s seriusly in doubt that at this state could be ready for August the 2nd.


I don’t fully agree with what you said. First, you are talking about a million-dollar company, and we all see the amount of advertisements for this game. Of course, there will be mistakes in this game, of course there will be problems, but now the elephant in the room is server and Amazon is hosting the best servers in the world, even this is enough to lose its value. Don’t do hate speeches, yes, but don’t hate angry costumers.


But what im getting at is that no amount of people moaning in union will sort the server issues out. what im saying is that we have to be patient and wait. Screaming and arguing with each other aint gonna fix the issues. haha.


they did not put enough resources into this, i do hope they do not want to make a quick buck from it until it lasts

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put it will make me feel better, they are not going to read every post ppl make here anyway

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The game is “nowhere near complete” a month before launch? Hilarious.
The game is literally unplayable for some people due to these constant login errors.
Some people don’t understand that if you get constant errors that send you to the back of the line each time, you can’t “just wait”.
If the queue have been just long, without errors, that would be totally acceptable.
I’m in queue for about 4 and a half hours, and just getting to the back of the line with each error.
I started at 1700 and now I’m at 3200, 4 and a half hours later. That’s not how queues work.


Um, what do you mean? It has to be near complete, as it is being released in a month.