Some People Received Compensation (Gold)!

Half Of My Friends Received Compensation (Gold) And I Didin’t Received Any Compensation…
Why? Its Not Fair Or All People Get The Same Compensation Or Nothing …


I’m still trying to figure this out too. Most of our people didn’t get the housing tax compensation even though most of us owned houses since 4 days after launch. I have 3 houses and have kept them this entire time so I’m for sure owed it. However, I can’t make a post here on the forums for no apparent reason so I can’t even ask about it.

I’d like clarification on when the housing tax rebate is meant to be rolling out to everyone and if you haven’t had it, what do we do?

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Player coin reimbursements will take some time and will be completed by the end of the weekend. We will update you here: [Downtime] All Regions November 23rd 11:00pm PT/ November 24th 8:00am CET once it has been completed.

Some players will probably receive the compensation before others, this is expected behavior. You should receive yours before weekend. Any issue after weekend let us know :slight_smile:

Additionally, we have temporarily lowered the weekly housing taxes by 90% until our monthly December update. We want to say thank you and we are sorry to our players who have been impacted by the recent issues. Company income from home ownership has been also raised to prevent loss of income during this period. This is a portion of additional compensation we will be rolling out in future patches.

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my materials got remove from Ah and i cant find them to any storage …whats going on… i got a screenshot from my ah befor servers got emergency Shutdown

i know should report bug…just wana know whats going on…

I Stilll Didin’t Received Any Compensation…

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Sorry to hear that @ShooMLT

The reimbursement was specifically for housing taxes paid since our Nov 1.1 update. If you consider you have spent money on this and you deserve a compensation, please give me your character name and world server to escalate this :slight_smile:

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Acculy i dont own any houses so better some gold (: so i can own a house hehe Sooo Server Name

Server Region: Europe
Server Name: Barri
Character Name: ShooMLT
Thanks !


The people who received gold compensation was due to housing tax issue. If you don’t own any houses, that’s the reason why you didn’t received any compensation. As stated above, the reimbursement was specifically for housing taxes paid since Nov 1.1 update. If you didn’t pay any taxes (since you don’t have any houses), then you won’t receive any compensation.

All the information is here: [Downtime] All Regions November 23rd 11:00pm PT/ November 24th 8:00am CET .

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