Some players jumping to avoid momentum direction change after strafing or moving forwards

Why am I seeing some super hard to hit players spamming jump after spamming dodge and evade and being out of stamina?

This must be some kind of broken avoidance mechanic… as your character is supposed to take a fixed amount of time to change direction if moving in a direction. There is also a start-up run animation.

Some players I notice are able to avoid this by jumping immediately after strafing left or right, and it also changes their hitbox so they get effectively more i-frames than normal.

@Luxendra please push this to the devs, players like this are ruining the game experience for returning players and causing them to quit.

Ill wait for any little boy who uses light and spams jump WHILE EXHAUSTED to reply… waiting…

Would be better if you posted a video demonstrating what you are talking about. You clearly know exactly how to perform this 0 stamina tech jump.

doing soon, but yes its quite the rediculous thing to watch. Im going to be recording all of my fighting today, will post findings and reproductions later. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen it as well and I do believe it’s a MACRO made specifically for it, similar to how machine gun mage was back in the day using dual FS

I tried to replicate it using normal commands and it doesn’t work, that’s why it think it’s a MACRO. But I might be wrong

Either way, it’s dumb

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It’s an exploit you can do to avoid momentum change delays and break your hit box, similar to the old bow jump exploit.

It’s not strictly a light armor thing, you’ll notice a lot of medium GA/WH sweats spamming it constantly to show how edgy and cool they are.

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Ye, it’s a macro. Has to be

Tried replicating it without one, it’s insanely difficult to consistently do it. Seen people just do it infinitely without any errors.

Freaking hilarious that they have to go that far to feel like they’ve accomplished something.


This game does attract a lot of those types of people.

Have you seen maleoreos video about aaaaaaalll the programs, settings, “hidden settings”, and animation cancels(that shouldn’t exist) dude goes through to shoot better? And then at the end of the video says"yeah but uh the most important thing is game sense". The audacity :joy:, whatever makes people feel better

But what those jumps give ? I can hit them while they jumping, so I dont know … I have always thought they were doing that for fun xd

What exactly is being talked about?

Have yet to encounter this. Wasn’t Bow Bunny Jumping removed long time ago?

I am not sure tbh… I saw people jump sometimes when they are out of stamina, but I have not notcied it was giving them advantage…

I never noticed people out of stamina using it and I know I can’t jump if I have 0 stamina. I use it if I’m in ice storm or ice shower, jumping forward is faster than walking forward while you have that slow on you

Jumping also can get around some perk slows, and some self inflicted slows from cancel animations and skills. Similar to the bunny hop in BnB.

They are aware of it, presumably will fix it at some point.


WELL I can’t say much. as a musket, I won’t do wars without nvidia profiler.

100 people in an area, the game is bad for having far off players skip around like a slide show. Nvidia profiler stops it for the most part. Only thing I use though :person_shrugging:

Personally I’d allow nvidia profiler for wars. It can be rough, but there was much much more than that mentioned in the video haha.

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