Some points on how to make MMO great

Hi guys, I would like to point few things about vanilla WoW that made it special over some other MMOs that I tried in past 2 - 3 years.

So I played vanilla in 2019 as known classic servers for the first time, and I started noticing difference between retail WoW and classic old WoW. So yea… Basically you can say that I saw differences between modern MMOs and older ones.

Here is the thing: In modern MMOs you can farm for example 100g and you can do dungeons for a whole day (about 6-7 hours), or you can do multiple raids (if not more then 5 actually)… So, difference is that in vanilla WoW you farmed 100g, but 1 flask that was needed for raiding usually costed around 150-250g depending on stats it gave (because herb used to make that particular flask costed 120g each), so yea, you see what I am trying to say here.

Why is it important though? Because it made game much more realistic in sense that you need to prepare yourself before every content, you had to earn it, you had to work for reward. Basically today in modern MMOs you can participate in main content (PVP or PVE) without any effort, and that is in my opinion lack of Roleplay design or known as RPG.

To have RPG in game design you have to have some kind of realistic design that makes game more immersive. Now I know many of you do not care about this kind of design, but I think if you tried to play like that, it can be very fun experience. Imagine farming some materials or gold to buy some alchemist potions/flasks every 2nd hour of PvP or every 3rd dungeon run, wouldn’t it be amazing, it would be at least for me.

Now the only thing I think that New World lacks is realistic design in sense of crafting and preparing. I would like that those 3-4k gold that I farmed for 1 hour, to matter… In sense that I can spend it in 2h session of dungeons or Battlegrounds. Why don’t you introduce new system in next patch, for example it should not be just market for players, why don’t you create NPC vendor that sells some very good runes for example, that can buff players for 2h (persist through death), and just imagine giving some goods to that NPC merchant or even pure gold, no matter which way you choose to go, it would be amazing to have that, and don’t get me wrong, progression is part of RPG, but I would like this merchant to be unlocked for all players without any kind of progression and I think that is the most important thing, keep it simple, introduce this merchant through dialog that is optional to see, create lore for these type of people, they may be some ‘‘travelers’’ from other world or area that they offered their service…