Some Serious Issues With Outpost!

Outpost Rush just truly feels bad. With this newest patch and all the nerfs there are some serious issues with this game style. First remove demon, bear, and wraith. No one uses anything but the demon. The demon itself is trash, or you could say players are trash because they aren’t intelligent enough to kill them. Either way it makes playing mid unbearable. It is literally trash trying to take mid and constantly getting sucked to one side or back and forth if the other team puts up a demon or 2 demons. I can’t speak for others, but I honestly just want a battle ground style play. If it aint broke don’t fix it. I want to fight other players, and test our skills. I don’t want to loose fights because some npc is jacking up the whole fight. Second, you can’t say that there is any kind of balance to the way teams are sorted out. You will see one side which is nothing but melee and the other side which is nothing but ranged. There needs to be some kind of inner balancing so that teams are stacked some what evenly across the board. I am tired of being one of three of something and just getting owned because I am on the non meta team. This also leads into three which is I don’t know if its just me, but more people on the point doesn’t seem to make it cap faster and it needs too. You have created a melee meta. So outpost rush consists of one person standing at their respective post then zerging mid. no one there? cool leave another 1 person and everyone push to enemy point. And because there is no balance if one team is more heavily melee then the match is over sometimes before Baroness is even up. If you had it so that the more people stood on the circle the faster it caps people would stay to get post to cap faster so they can get food and such faster. Last but not least is simple, last shot should not equal kill. You have long range that aren’t risking anything in a fight talking so big because they have a high kill count. Which is because most snipe their kills. Healers shouldn’t have 8 or 9 kills and below a 100k in heals. Whoever does the most damage should get the kill. Bottom line is there is no real Balance in Outpost Rush and there needs to be. Just my general thoughts and opinions. Thank you for your time.

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