Some servers have days when they can barely fill 1 outpost rush

Since the Outpost Rushes came into the game, i had a blast playing them,
Only when i can actually play them though.
A few of our friends from other servers transfered to carcosa and since then the server has become a ghosttown. Some days we cant fill a single outpost rush a day and it is a really bad feeling, now that we actually get to play it, that we dont get to play it. Feels kinda bad NGL, and we cant transfer because multiple people transfered here because of us.
We need either Cross worldset/region queues or Merges ASAP, because the game feels empty and bad atm and i personaly know a lot of ppl who burned out because they could get no pvp.


agreed- they need to do something about outpost rush because the queues are awful for low pop servers. Might change with server merges though; but who knows when that will be

Something I posted elsewhere that has some baring on this

The point is that the game mode is poorly balanced and with the reduced rewards for losing, encourages teams to cheese their way to victory.

It’s not fun being steam rolled and unless there is balance in teams and build stacking, less people will queue over time. Its more noticale in this game as your trying to get 40 people to queue rather than the 16 that I’ve seen in most other games I’ve played.

I mean after 1.0.5 it feels much better for me, tanks and healers die and mages do some crazy damage now

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