Some small QoL improvements

things that come to my mind currently:

  • give us a teleport option to spirit shrines (and inn) when zoomed into the settlement. Quite often, like when you have lots of quests done or group members are in the settlement, then it’s impossible to click the settlement for teleporting, but when you zoom in, then the teleport option is gone. So please allow us to click the inn and the spirit shrine when zoomed into the city
  • give us a “buy all” button in the tradepost UI when you search for an item. For example: You search for green wood because you need tons, you get a “buy all” button at the end of the order list, so you don’t have to click 20 different orders and then move the lever to the right in each of them.
  • a search option to search for items across all settlement storages
  • display the First Light Fort bonus when crafting even when you’re not in FL.
  • set the “faction influence” to true even when not in pvp mode by default. It makes it so much easier to look at the map when you see where the territories are.
  • on the forums: Allow us to make new threads with titles that have been chosen before. I just tried to post this as “QoL improvements” or “some QoL improvements”, but it doesn’t liet me :slight_smile:

Already ask it in the past :frowning:

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